Collage Friday and a Special Giveaway

Happy October!  

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This is my favorite month!  I love the transition from summer heat to cool fall days.  I love anything and everything pumpkin, apples and UGG boots!  

If you missed my post yesterday on FINALIZING our school schedule you can view it here

Last weekend the girls and I went to their first Girl Scout Camp event. This was for Daisies and Brownies only. It was a fun filled day with many events and teaching opportunities! 

Some other happenings this past week....last weekend was so nice we decided to have a bonfire and outdoor movie both Friday and Saturday nights. Very relaxing and fun for all!   

The children and I made it to a farm market (last Friday), one state over, and purchased a few outdoor fall decorations.   Zachary had some fun trying on some costumes... 

We were back to our regular full time school schedule as of Monday and the children did fine easing back into it. Still leaving plenty of time for fun and creative play. 

While going to the Girl Scout camp day I had my husband's car because he needed my truck.  I noticed a shaking when I was stopped  - long story short, it's been in the shop since Monday and we have been without 2 vehicles.  My husband has had my truck and I have been "stuck" to the house all week (except for night time). I never really thought about only having 1 vehicle and I know others do it all the time. Grateful today for being able to afford two vehicles. 

Mom Time Out 

Age is not my friend...being over 45 is catching up with me on aches and pains and feeling run down. I need to do something about this!  I have but one body to keep whole and I am abusing it...not eating what I should...not exercising...I need to PRACTICE WHAT I PREACH! 


I started back on the tread mill this week. Goal is 4 days a week - Monday 1.5 miles at a 3 incline...Wednesday 1.5 miles on a 5 incline, Thursday 1.5 miles at a 5 incline again. Also work in some hand/arm weights while I am on. 

And Another thing....

NO WINE during the week...saving it for weekends only (or special occasions). 

Also got back to my fall crock pot cooking. With three children all having separate soccer practice schedules, gym class and other commitments, the crock pot is my best friend! 

Next week's crock pot menu: (all new ones for us)

I will also will sneak in leftovers of the chili into quesadillas and left over chicken into a Stromboli

Eating whole foods, healthy and on a budget!  We eat mostly organic and whole foods and our budget for 5 is under $ 140 a week (includes everything - not just food)

Weekend Happenings...

This weekend is our end of the season camping trip with our BFF's (whom we have not seen since June and I need my friend fix!) and it's Halloween at Jellystone!  Last year was a blast decorating our site and having all the little campers come by and trick-or-treat. 

(Last Year's Halloween Camping! - Goodie boxes shown from Pamela Smerker Designs)

I hope your week has been filled with lots of fun and love!  

Join me over at Collage Friday with other homeschoolers as we share our ups and downs! 

Now on to the fun giveaway! 

  In case you missed my post from Wednesday, it is Graham Blanchard's Publishing First Birthday!  You can read more about them at the post from Wednesday.

They are offering one of their Learn, Absorb and Praise Classic Collection of board books for 1 of my followers.  In addition to the books, you can download the parent sheets that you can create lesson plans from-   For FREE at their site! 

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Mary Prather said…
Melissa -- I understand about needing to take better care of ourselves -- AND laying off the wine during the week. ;-) Good for you on the treadmill progress this week.

Thank you for being such an encouragement to me. Love you, my friend.
Phyllis said…
What fun you all have had this week! I loved the picture of yourself. You are so beautiful!
Ashley Pichea said…
My crockpot is my best friend, especially during the fall/winter months - we love to throw chili or soup in it!
Jessy Gaffen said…
I love this time of year too! Sunny, warm, less humid days; cool evenings for easier sleeping. Ahhh! It doesn't last long enough though! I so understand about vehicles. I am having such troubles with mine...and I only have one of course. Grrr! All the best with your healthy eating and exercise!
Dawn said…
Oh! What a fun camping trip. I would love to do that someday. I am glad easing into school is going so well.
Blessings, Dawn
Jenni Ryan said…
Looks like a fabulous week!!! :) You go girl on getting back on the treadmill :) . I need to do so myself. Have a great camping weekend and it looks like a lot of fun!!!
Connie said…
So glad I found your blog. Love the recipes and encouraging words! Thank you also for this wonderful giveaway!

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