Collage Friday - BOO!

Happy Friday to you!  I am glad you made it through the week and have joined me and other homeschoolers as we recap our busy weeks over at Homegrown Learners - Collage Friday!

It's been a quiet week, as far as running around goes, here at The Joys of Home Educating.  Zachary, of course, has been laying low with his broken hand and the weather has been rainy, so really no field trips to speak of this week. 

We have been preparing our home and hearts for company this weekend. It's our Annual Family Halloween Party tomorrow and we are expecting over 95 guests with 10 of them staying with us!  This year our "charity" that is attached to our party is for my friend Danielle - who is battling cancer and needs a bone marrow transplant (stem cell).  I am begging you to please pray about it and if God leads you to donate (even $ 10) then please do!  The family has a $ 5000 deductible when she goes in for the transplant and we are doing our best to raise at least that!  Thanks in advance if you already did donate!  (you can go to the picture of her on the right side of the blog GO FUND ME button to donate with a credit card).

We have been having a blast with our new OSMO games. If you are not familiar with this IPAD interactive device you should be.  You can check it all out here at the OSMO site.

  Zachary has been typing everything since he can't write and I had him working on an excel spreadsheet for me.  

We have been playing a lot of board games, seems to be the case when it's rainy outside.  

Also reading a stack of the Alexander books preparing Zachary for a day out today with his Grammie (movies and lunch out). 

Last Sunday I took a workshop at our local library. The topic was Halloween make up tricks.  I was the only one who showed and HUZZAH for me since the teacher and I had a blast with all kinds of fun tricks I can incorporate into our party tomorrow!

  Fake Blood Recipe:  Karo Syrup, Liquid Chocolate Syrup and red food coloring (fully eatable)

Molly is helping out on the "scary" side of the Trail of Terror and we practiced some make up on her.  LOVE IT!  Decorating the house all up and Sammie will be Dorothy on the Spooky Trail (for the little kids) - we have a play house that we moved into the woods and have the wicked witch legs coming out from under it.

We have live "monsters" and characters for our haunted trail and a hay wagon ride to get there!   There will be dancing, good food and fellowship!  Praying we raise a ton of money for Danielle and her family!

We continue to pray for many people who need healing and for the people infected with this horrible Ebola virus.  It's hit NYC and that's too close to home for me. 

You can also check out the latest Mom Mentor post at Graham Blanchard to see what the group shares with you this month!

Watch for Monday's post as there will be a fabulous giveaway that all you moms and/or dads won't want to miss!
Until then - follow me on Instagram if you are curious about our party this weekend - many updates!

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Jenni Ryan said…
That sounds like so much fun!! Awesome job on the makeup and class. That sounds like a fun class to go to! Have a great time with your family!!
Phyllis said…
You certainly are prepared for Halloween!
Tina said…
Your library offers the coolest classes. I can't wait to see all the tricks in action!
Dawn Rebekah said…
What an amazing library class. The Halloween party sounds like so much fun! I can't wait to see the pictures.
Blessings, Dawn
Jessy Gaffen said…
All the best with your fundraising! And for your friend & her recovery! Party looks like it will be a blast!
My six year year old was looking over my shoulder and squealed when she saw the cut hand! It looks very realistic!

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