Collage Friday

Happy Friday Y'All!

Did you see my review of The Rhino Who Swallowed A Storm?

Teaming up with Reading Rainbow and LeVar Burton was so much fun to bring this review to you! 


The fall weather and everything that comes with it is in full swing in New York.  We have started our USA Studies - one state per week and last week was Maine (Where Are We Wednesdays) This week - New Hampshire.  On Fridays we review what we learned by playing Jeopardy. The kids love it and are very competitive. They win Tech Tokens that they can use towards their technology time. 

Using the board books from Graham Blanchard for our Bible character studies has been real fun. 

Last weekend was our last camping weekend of the season (boooo) but we got to spend it with our best friends and had a blast. The rain did not dampen our fun (on Saturday morning) and the clearing on Saturday night was perfect for the children to Trick Or Treat. 

On Tuesday we went on a cruise up the Hudson River. We met up with 4 other homeschooling moms and their children for the cruise. We made new friends and had a wonderful two hours.   The other guests aboard were a senior group on a Northeast tour. We received many compliments on how well behaved our children were and how wonderful it was that we were home educating them.  It is always nice to get those kuddos. 

We are on another field trip today with many other homeschoolers at a YMCA camp learning about Wildlife Ecology. 

Enjoy your weekend!

Join me over at Mary's blog - Homegrown Learners as she hosts a great Collage Friday link up! 

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Dawn Rebekah said…
Field trip season is in full swing. It is so nice when people see the benefits of homeschooling.
Blessings, Dawn
Jenni Ryan said…
Love your photos of the week! I love the camping too :) Hopefully one day I'll be brave enough to go out and camp. LOL
Mary Prather said…
The Hudson River cruise sounds wonderful!

I REALLY need to come and visit you :-)
Jessy Gaffen said…
Geo Jeopardy looks like lots of fun! A creative way to learn and earn! (I bet you could reuse it for Science and Math and English too, huh?)

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