Collage Frightday

Happy Halloween

Howl are you all today?   I can't believe that October is coming to an end already.  We just started back to school 31 days ago (new grades) and it seems like a week ago.  

So much fun last weekend with our Family Halloween Party.  We had 98 of our closest friends (lol) join us for a great cause.  So far we have raised $ 2600 for my friend Danielle to aid her in her financial burdeons her family faces with her cancer treatment. 

School has been good this week. We have been laying low on field trips until Zachary gets his cast off - only a week left!   I will admit it's been challenging to find activities for Zachary to do without using his right hand.  He has fallen behind in cursive and math.  He will have a lot to catch up on once he has full use of that hand. 

LEGOS are always a part of our school and this week we made some fun Halloween scenes.  Zachary started The Call of the Wild and Molly and Sammie have been creating a lot of art this week. 

I had Zachary start watching the CNN Student News each morning. Lots of reading going on and his aunt sent him a real funny card (get well)....

Since he broke his hand he has been begging asking for my homemade cinnamon buns. I told him as long as he will help me make them and learn about the Science of yeast, then we will make them together.  Can't you just smell them?  

One field trip we did have this week was our Bricks 4 Kidz.  We got together (at our homes) with three other homeschooling moms and their children (some we knew and some we just met) for this program.  The children paired up and worked as teams to make their builds.  The topic was Then and Now...Sailboats vs. Mars Rover.  All the builds used motors and the kids had a lot of fun. We have three more sessions scheduled up until the beginning of December.  Afterwards the children (ages 4-13) all went out to play and I must say, it's so pleasant to see children of all ages play and have conversations together without judgement or favoritism.  

Saved the best for last this week - if you are a follower of me on Instagram you will know that Molly has been obsessed with this website Art of Kids    Thanks to Mary at Homegrown Learners, we are now HUGE fans of Rob and his creations.  Molly has already started her portfolio with over 20 pictures and adding more every day.   She certainly has a talent and eye for art.  Hoping an intervention is not needed. lol

Don't forget the Giveaway from Build a Menu is still open for a few more days and there are under 5 entries.  All you have to do is LIKE their FB's a no brainer for such a great product!

Come on over and join me for Collage Frightday Friday with other Homeghoulers homeschoolers. 

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Mary Prather said…
I LOVE everything in this post. Homeghoulers. You crack me up! I wish I could have been at your party!
Jenni Ryan said…
I agree with Mary! :) I was giggling throughout the post. Looks like an amazing time last weekend. So glad you're doing well raising money for your friend. Hope you guys have an awesome weekend ahead!
Anonymous said…
What a great week!! I love seeing Molly's drawings!! Those cinnamon rolls look delicious!!
Looks like a really fun week! It has to be a really special occasion to get cinnamon rolls at my house too.
Phyllis said…
What a fun and beautiful week!!
Jessy Gaffen said…
Whoa. Just 98 friends, huh? LOL Looks like a spooktacular party! ;) I keep meaning to start our day off with CNN Student news. (It might help keep ME out-to-date on the goings-on of the world too! LOL) Without cable, we fall behind on current events. (I get most of my stuff from FACEBOOK...) Bricks 4 Kids looks would be up my Sam's "alley" for sure! He did a great job on those cinnamon rolls! Yum!
Dawn Rebekah said…
We love our lego club. The party looks amazing. What a all around wonderful week.
Blessings, Dawn
Yummy looking cinnamon rolls! And thanks for the link to the art site. Molly's drawings are delightful. I will be sure to show my arty daughter and send her the link as well!

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