Back in August when so many homeschoolers were starting their new school year, we were still in summer mode and summer school schedule.  We finally started our new year on Monday!  Happy to be back and HAPPY to have a new feel and schedule to our days...

Changes in our home school:


sigh..that felt good

Trying to keep with some sort of schedule and structure because our children work well that way....but also allowing them to have some control over their school work - I have what I think is a happy medium to our year...

We start our mornings with a "family meeting" and prayer time. 
Then go over what's happening in the week remaining.
 Question and answer time. 
 Then the kids split up. 

I started using a "folder" system this year.  One for Math, Letter of the Week (cursive for Molly and Zachary), Geography and a misc folder.

For Math - each child is given a "packet" that has one continuous theme throughout it. They work at their own pace and at their leisure.  As long as the packet is finished by the end of the month, they are good. I look at their work and answer questions as needed. 

Geography - "Where Are We Wednesday?"  - we all work together on a different state each week. Starting in the Northeast with Maine. Each child has different levels of work for the research and involvement in this. 

Letter of the Week - Starting with letter A - Sammie (K) is learning proper writing and sounds while Molly (2nd)  and Zachary  (5th) are working on cursive this year.  There are daily activities for them to do in this folder. 

Science - we are using Abeka - Investigating God's World for Zachary (5th grade) and we do this together each week. "Think About it Thursday"  The girls and I are doing Knowing God's World  together.  Loving the ease of these, the interaction between teacher and student and the fact that the tests and quizzes are there if we want to use them for check points.  We are also doing random experiments - as I have promised our youngest - 1 experiment a week (a weakness of mine).

Social Studies - varies per week on what we are talking about - this week RESPONSIBILITY.

Reading - Zachary has started Treasure Island and also reads a chapter a day to the girls from their chapter book - (Magic Tree House series this year).  Weekly library trips are also a MUST!

Phys Ed - between fall town Soccer, winter skiing and gym classes, we are plenty busy!  

Bible Study - using the books from Graham Blanchard and the FREE Parent downloads we are discussing character this month.  Loving this!

In addition to all that - using LEGOS, Kiwi Crates and different art and music mediums are thrown in there. Trying hard to continue our wonderful field trips and afternoons are set aside for FUN TIME and creativity all the way!

Enjoying the time I have with them and living each day to the FULLEST! 

Stay tuned for Collage Friday and a fun giveaway tomorrow!

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