Perfect Christmas Presents

Our children have been lucky enough to have a Grandma (aka Bubby) who loves to give them gifts at Christmas that keep on giving.  

We found out about Kiwi Crate years ago and have never looked back!  

 It's a gift that sparks their creativity....gets them thinking....working independently.  Using the highest quality products, Kiwi Crate comes up with the cutest and most inventive crafts for your children.  There is so much learning involved also. With little booklets that explain all about the topic and a magazine that comes with each order. 

All the guess work is taken out of it for you, the parent or grandparent.   I so encourage you to find out more about Kiwi Crates and see if a subscription is right for the special child in your life. 

Creativity kits for kids!

If you think your child would better be suited for a Science themed box every month, then you want to check out their new crate option - Tinker Crate!  How about a crate for the older girls - Doodle Crate. Even the littlest ones have fun with Koala Crate

Kiwi Crate Family Brands >>

We continue to have a blast with our crates each month.   

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Tina said…
Didn't know they have science kits! Boys would love that. Need to check those out!

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