Playing Catch Up - Collage Friday on Monday

Every have one of those weeks where your head was just too FULL of "stuff" to put it all down on paper (or computer)?  That was me last week...I didn't even make the Collage Friday in time.   It was a rough week with the children - chalking it up to the full moon!  

Zachary finally got his cast off and is released to participate in soccer and gym class. We do have a splint he needs to wear and that also makes him more confident.  Thanks for all the prayers everyone!  

The weather is beautiful today and suppose to be tomorrow then turning colder!  Not quite as cold as our friends in Minnesota and Montana as snow is making it's appearance this week there!  (jealous!)

We are having fun with our OSMO games, board games and plugging along with school.  If you have an IPAD and am not familiar with OSMO, you should check it out!

I have been getting a little crafting done here and there. These Snowy Owls are easy and cute!  Using a pine cone and some cotton balls. Easy, right!  Thanks to Kim from my church who turned me on to these cuties!

Molly continues to be hooked on Art for Kids (thank you Mary)


We have been able to get together with our friends from Bricks 4 Kidz a few times since October. Tomorrow (Veterans Day) they children are going to a three hour (drop off) workshop - MINECRAFT theme with the Bricks for Kidz people!

We have 1 game left for soccer for the season. Sammie is on fire this year...averaging 3 goals per game!

Off to a Bricks 4 Kidz program....enjoy the day and don't forget to make a difference in someone's life today!  

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Anonymous said…
Oh man I am so behind it is not even funny! Glad you were able to catch up some! Yay for no cast and for soccer goals and lots of art!

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