The start of Advent - Unwrapping our Gift

Tonight is the night! 

The night I have been anticipating...preparing for....thinking about...laying awake at night - hoping and praying this is well received by our children.  

We are starting a new tradition this year. As of December 1st our homeschool will be calmer...lessened by worksheets...lifted by The Holy Spirit...we will be a family.

We are starting tonight by celebrating The Night Before Advent!  Cocoa - games and the reading of the poem by Ann Voskamp (found on her website).

It's not too late to doesn't have to be tonight...or tomorrow..there is no rush, no hurry...just be filled with his spirit and let HIM guide you. 

Do you celebrate the advent season?  

I invite you to follow along with our family on Instagram and we share our school day with Unwrapping the Greatest Gift!  

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