If you follow me on Instagram, I am sure by now you know that Zachary is hooked on WORD UP From Compass Classroom.    

I love how he works independently and even takes the tests by himself. 

It's the BEST way to learn vocabulary.  Even if you have never been exposed to Latin or Greek roots before. You, as an adult, will have a better grasp of it all! It expands the student's grasp of the vocabulary used in everyday studies.

I feel to strong about the program that I became an affiliate of theirs and am excited to share their Black Friday special with you!  I encourage  you to check them out and find out how WORD UP can help your child learn!  

I am so confident that you will love this program as much as Zachary does, that I am excited to share with you 6 FREE LESSONS to get you started! 

These are my own words and views on WORD UP.

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Dawn Rebekah said…
IT sounds like fun.
Blessings, Dawn
Michelle said…
Sounds great!

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