A homemade Christmas present

I dont know about you, but I love homemade gifts at Christmas time. Really, anytime of the year.  So much love and thought goes into them.  

This year is no exception.  

We switched Molly from Kiwi Crate to Doodle Crate a few months ago.  They seem more age appropriate for her and more "crafty". 

She is loving her second kit.  This one is Colorful Candles. I was surprised at the quality (but I should not have been really, as Kiwi Crate always has top notch supplies) of the supplies given.  Enough to make 4 candles and three of them have class holders. 

Step by step instructions and all the supplies were in the kit - we needed nothing but the microwave.

with a little help from me (warm to hot cups after microwaving) she did it by herself.

mixing the wax with the crayons

she did all two toned candles so this is one of them setting up after the 1st pour

End result!  She even put the little squiggles on the glass with the proivided special markers.  Isnt it pretty!  Wouldn't you be thrilled upwrapping this beauty for Christmas?

If you are interested in a subscription to this wonderful monthly crafting kids you can click my affiliate link and order today!  Makes the PERFECT Holiday present, birthday present or any addition to a homeschool for art class!

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