NO Spend January - are you with me again?

So last year I posted about our family challenge for January - NO SPEND JANUARY!  

It was a post that was read by a ton of people and I know there were a handful of you out there who walked the walk right along with our family. 

There were definitely some challenges, highs and lows of the month.   Guess what? - we are all IN again for this January!

Here's the 411 on how it goes....

1.  No spending on NON-essential items

Example of essential items are: food, gas, tithing to the church, medical expenses, bills committed too on a monthly basis.

Example of Non-essential items:  anything that you would spend money on other than essential items! (examples might include: take out food, coffee, wine, beer, birthday presents, impulse buys) 

Rest assured you will not be hung out to dry and do this alone!  I will be there with you, to hold you accountable, to encourage you, to pray with you.  I would love the same commitment from you.  

Don't think for a minute, this will be easy. We are creatures of habit and our lifestyle. But I do know that with discipline and prayer this can be done!  Think of what Jesus gave up for US. I am only asking for a month of your commitment. 

I will be posting updates on how we are doing...ideas for NO spending family fun....ideas for living frugal, healthy recipes and more. 

If you join us, welcome! 

If you think you just can't commit to this, that is ok too. Maybe just cut 1 thing out or 2 things out to help your budget. 

I am excited to see how we do and to come face to face with the challenges!  

I look forward to having some of you join us on the journey!  

I will post more on No Spend January in the next few weeks and how I am preparing! 

Until then - Be Blessed!

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Anonymous said…
I am in!! We have so much money we will have to be putting toward Sammy's surgery it would be a great incentive to see how much we were able to take care of in January!!
Melissa N. said…
I will pray for ya all Lindsay! WHen is his surgery scheduled?
Julianne said…
I'm in! I was already planning on doing this when I happened upon your blog. I already did the majority of my grocery shopping for the next 2 weeks (until hubby gets paid again). But I'll have $130 in envelopes for gas and groceries. But only the essential grocery items like bread, milk, and creamer.
I'm really hoping I will succeed.
Melissa N. said…
Great to hear Julianne!

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