No Spend January - Grocery shopping

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Today I want to talk about your grocery shopping.  This is an area, that I feel, you can save big time when it comes to no extra spending.   Those impulse items find their way into our carts very quickly!

For me, this is the area where I can earn my brownie points (no pun intended).  I am at SAHM mom and don't bring in much income (a few dollars here and there from my blog).  However, my husband depends on me to do the best I can when it comes to keeping the weekly grocery bill lean and trimmed.

I had our son track (on Excel- getting in some math for him) my weekly grocery shopping in terms of total spending.  (leaving out every six weeks my husband stops by BJ's to get our water for water cooler and paper items - paper towels, toilet paper and napkins).   I average $ 150 per week. We are a family of 5 who eats 85% organic and whole foods.  My husband also brings his lunch everyday. Also keep in mind we live an hour north of New York City and food tends to be on the high side when looking at the country as a whole.

I did not think that was too bad.  I don't use many coupons each week, as there are not many for organic items. Mostly on toiletry items. 

THE BIGGEST tool I can say helps me in my grocery store spending is MEAL PLANNING.  Looking at what is on sale and what I can stretch out. Also shopping in my own pantry. 

Some other tips and tricks that help...

- eat before you on a full stomach is a great way not to buy some of those sugary impulse buys

-Sticking to the store brand products.  Many of them are made by the bigger companies anyway.

-More meatless meals - think beans and soups. 

-If possible, go alone. Nothing says MORE STUFF in the CART like kids asking for items not on your list.

-Stick to the outside perimeter of the store.  Less processed food on the perimeters.

-If you are a chicken eating family - 1 rotisserie chicken can go a long way...soups, salads, tacos...

Do you have tips and tricks to add to my list?  I would love to hear them. 

Until next time - be blessed and spend less!



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