NO Spending January - Unsubscribing!

Before January starts - there are a few house cleaning items that should happen to help you be successful in your NO SPEND JANUARY. 

Today's topic is: UNSUBSCRIBE

I will totally lay it out there for you. Last year when I unsubscribed to a dozen or more "shopping/deal" websites, I again subscribed again a few months later. It was a bad thing to do and I fell for all the idols and wants in my sin nature. I will attempt to unsubscribe AGAIN and stick to it for 2015! 

What I mean by Unsubscribe: you know all those websites that you bought things from at the holidays or the "deal sites" that send you daily updates on what great deals they are offering?  (I do love these sites) I encourage you to click UNSUBSCRIBE (usually at the bottom of the email they send there is a spot to do this) to those sites for the month. Keep a short list of the ones you might want to check in with next month, but for January, out of sight, out of mind!

Since we moved to our home, 8 years ago, I have never really worried about money or my spending habits. My husband provides for his family very well and moderate spending has never been a problem for us. (we live credit debt free, thank God)

Up until last November, I was one who always found a great deal on "stuff". Those deal sites that had those 60% off, clearance, had to have it "stuff". 

Looking back, "stuff" we did not need but "stuff" I thought would improve our lives, lol,well not so much.  

Are you picking up what I am laying down here?

This is your encouragement for the day. I encourage you to UNSUBSCRIBE to these sites.   Trust me, if you decide to go back and subscribe again, they will be there with more "stuff" of offer you. 

Until next time when I talk about ways to save around the house that have helped - Be Blessed and spend Less!

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