A New Year: A New Outlook

So happy to be back sharing our week with you. We took much of December "off" of traditional schooling and Collage Friday posts.  I wanted to create an environment for us all that was less stressful than ever before!  Guess what?  It worked!

Me and my BFF 

Our traditional learning consisted of learning the lineage of Jesus with the help of Ann Vosscamp's book - Unwrapping the Greatest Gift. If you have never heard of it, I encourage you to check it out. So many great extras at her site also! It's on a great sale right now at Amazon! 

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I am so excited about No Spend January again! #NoSpendChallenge  I have not spent a dime on anything other than weekly groceries.  Hubby had to buy some rock salt for the snowy driveway, but used a coupon! 

If you want to join me and others, you still can!  There are posts to help you prepare and every Monday there is a post that will help you get thru this month. (click on the image to the right of this post at the top of the sidebar)

A quiet December

We spent with family and friends...our JOY was not lost on the "holiday hub bub"....felt blessed every day!


Back to school....Where Are We Wednesday continues - still learning about the Northeast. This week was New Jersey (which we only live miles from)

Zachary started Geometry this month. I was reminded how it was one of my favorite subjects in school and I am loving teaching it!

Scrabble and other board games have wormed there way back into the daily routine. With the No Spend January - seems they are loved again. 

Art has been fun!  Making a lot 3-D pictures and the girls Doodle and Koala Crates have been great! (thanks Bubby)

Molly started her new latch hook that her Bubby gave her. We shall see how long it takes her!  Do you remember these? I think I had 4 all unfinished...(I am an instant gratification person - took too long)


What's happening with me?

Thanks for asking - 8)  I picked my #olw (one little word) for the new year - CALM. 

My girlfriend, Laura, at Eye Candy Creative Studio has a talent for hand lettering. she made this for me! I cant wait to get a frame and hang it up!  She does take orders also! 

We will putting our home on the market in less than 12 weeks (AHHH) and we all know how stressful that can be...CALM!

Last month was a wake up call for me.

1st Selfie of 2015 taken at 12:10 am 1/1/15  The first day of my new life!

I had many many doctor visits in December and found out some stuff going on with me and my body that needed immediate attention.  

After a plethora of cardio tests, it was determined that I have a heart condition called PVC.  If not addressed properly, over time it will weaken my heart. I am on extra Magnesium for this and cardio exercise helps! Only time will tell if the Magnesium is working.  

As those of you who know me IRL, I am a tall gal (5'10") and have always been able to "carry" my weight better than most. It's finally all caught with me.  My blood work showed I needed to change my eating habits immediately.  Less carbs and sugar (which means less wine and chocolate - BOO)....more Vitimin D and less foods with bad cholesterol.

MORE Exercise...I started on Monday and have been doing great...I have been able to stick to my 30 mins on the tread mill - 6 days a week and additional stretching and weights 4 days a week.  I feel great!  Water water water...peeing all the time 8)  I have already seen a weight loss but more importantly, I have seen a difference in my energy and calmness!   

I have been on weight loss journey's before (as so many of us have)...up and down 35 pounds almost every time.  The BIG difference is, all the other times I wanted to LOOK great...this time I NEED to feel great inside and out and the looks part will be the BONUS. 

Looking ahead....

I am looking forward to the snow coming and a little warmer (better than 10 degrees please) so the children can ski with daddy.

We are also doing more "unschooling" than traditional "homeschooling". I am always impressed with what the children are doing on their "own time".   Making movies with their new video cameras...LEGO creations...researching about birds they see out the windows.

Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker (Woodpecker) out our window on Thursday

Bluebirds loving the juniper berries.

We are continuing our Bricks 4 Kidz program with other homeschoolers  and look forward to our search for a new home.  We have already filled a storage unit with things that are not needed on a daily basis but have more to go. (nothing makes you simplify more like a move!)

I hope your homeschool is filled with love and learning...until next time Be Blessed!

Don't forget to check out the blog on Monday for more No Spend Challenge posts!


Dawn Rebekah said…
I had to laugh about the words "calm and putting the house on the market" in the same sentence! I am glad you figured out your health concerns and can do something about it. Praying all goes well.
Blessings, Dawn
Mary Prather said…
Melissa -- this is the year that the you need to take care of YOU. Did you read my post about that? We give so much to our kids and it's time for us to exercise, eat well, and focus on being CALM so we can pour into our families for years to come. I'm going to be praying for you on that front!

I'm proud of you and your No Spend Month!
I pray that your new outlook for this year is successful in helping with the medical issues. I also have trouble losing weight when all I want is weight loss. Good luck with selling the house too!
Tonia L said…
Calm is a beautiful word to focus on! Homeschooling takes so much of a moms time and it's important to take care of yourself - kudos to you for taking those steps.
Jessy Gaffen said…
We took most of December off too! Such great times with family! Hmm...I can already see expenditures in January. :/ :sigh: I wish I could do No Spend January...I still haven't picked my one word of the year. Nothing has jumped out at me! All the best with your health goals. I have made some of my own for 2015. We can do it!
I like your word and really hope you are able to do so amidst the move.
Here's to a healthy 2015!
Melissa N. said…
I hear ya Dawn on the calm and house..maybe that is why my subconscious picked it...lol

Thanks Mary!

Thank you Christy - could use all the prayers I can get!

Thanks Tonia for the kudos..

Jessy - wasn't it nice to take the time off?!

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