Check In Monday - #NoSpendChallenge and a room redo on a Zero Budget

Can you believe we are in the home stretch!  Only 6 days left! 

Can I get an AMEN! 

How are you doing? 

Has the challenge been hard? 

Did you find it easy so far? 

What have you done without?

For us, the biggest challenge has been the weather here in NY - sounds strange I know.  It has been a rainy month which mean we don't get outside much.  In the past, that would bring us to the mall or out to lunch a few times to break up the mundane of the house.  However, with no spending, that was not an option. 

We have had snow the last few days and expecting a real ringer of one Monday - Tuesday, so they have been skiing (season passes) and sledding a lot over the last few days.

I wanted so bad to "redo" my laundry/boiler room but had a zero budget this month.  When cleaning out the closet I found a gallon of white interior paint. BINGO - painted and did some rearranging, moving around and "Shopping" from my other rooms.  A redo on a zero budget!  Check it out!

It had not been painted since we moved in 8 years ago.  (washer and dryer share a space with our boiler) The boiler is about 5 years old but when it was replaced I still never got a chance to paint behind it..oh well.  The ceiling was horrible but forget to get a pic of it. Trust me when I say it was embarrassing.  

Now it's all clean  looking, bright and cheery and has some new contact paper (i had in the garage) and a few vinyl pieces I did on my Cameo.  The floor was painted also.  Just in time to put it on the market in a few weeks!  

On the down side, my truck went into the shop on Saturday 8(   Not gonna lie, not happy with even spending money on that! 

I am excited to hear all about how your family has survived it.

What have you done to replace the spending?


Sylvia Phillips said…
I am very impressed with your laundry room makeover! It's amazing what a little paint and determination can do! My laundry room is embarrassing too!
I'll have to snoop around and see what I can find to spruce it up! Thanks for the inspiration! BTW, it's Monday morning. It's been snowing here for a while!
Anonymous said…
So cute!!! I need to do a little sprucing up in my laundry room at some point.. We filled our days with being sick.. I wouldn't recommend it. I did end up having to spend a few dollars on cough drops!
Melissa N. said…
Thanks Sylvia.

Lindsay - sorry sickness is still lingering 8(

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