Week in Review

Happy Friday!  It's a long weekend for us as Daddy is home on Monday in observance of MLK Jr Day.   Hoping they all get out to get skiiing and use those passes we bought last Summer!  

If you did not check out the Monday post for the #NoSpendChallenge there is still time!

What's happened this week....

It's been relatively quiet on the home front. The weather has been bitter and we have not been able to do anything outside all week (boooo).  The only "outing" was their gym class on Wednesday (which comes to an end in a few weeks).  We had a brief power outage one day and the girls decided to do some Art For Kids (without Art For Kids). Molly took charge and was teaching Sammie a tutorial she remembered from the site - drawing Anna from Frozen. It was so cute listening to Molly teach. 

I am doing great on my healthy eating and exercise.  Treadmill every day and upped my incline to a 6!  Those less than perfect cookies you see are my new saving grace for sweets.  Sweet potato chocolate chip cookies.  YES YES YES. I found the recipe on Pinterest and will be making these every week!  

As of 2 am today, Zachary has been vomiting every 30 mins or so....need I say that we have not gotten any sleep since then 8(    Pray for him..he is a worrier and thinks he will die of dehydration. I am assuring him this wont be the case, but I don't think he believes me.

We have a low key weekend with some skiing tomorrow morning (fingers crossed) and church on Sunday.  I am working on a "booklet" for when we sell the house with before and after pictures and some highlights.  Really praying hard on finding the right home for our family.

I am linking up to Collage Friday over at Homegrown Learners and Weekly Wrap-Up

In case you missed this healthy morning muffin recipe from last week - 

Until Monday (new post on the #NoSpendChallenge) 
 Be Blessed!

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Dawn Rebekah said…
It sounds like a wonderful week...at least until poor Zachary. I hope it passes quickly.
Blessings, Dawn
Lindsay said…
Ohh no so so sorry to hear about Zachary! I will be praying for him to feel better and for the worry to be taken away!
Nita said…
Sounds like a cozy week! Staying in the house is something I'd love to be able to do when the weather is icky. Since both me and hubby work outside the home we have to leave daily, however, after a freezing rain scare this week we got to stay in and relax. However, for us that means the kids get more school done since both parents are home, lol!
Hope Zachery is feeling better by now and is not so worried. Enjoy your sweet potato cookies (the mind boggles slightly - do they taste like normal cookies only a bit healthier or do they taste of sweet potato?)
Have a great weekend!
Jenni Ryan said…
I hope Zachary is much better now! Praying you guys got rest and to enjoy your low key weekend. You must share that cookie recipe when you have time :)

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