Weekly Update

January is almost behind us..never to be seen again for 2015.

It has been a No Spend January for us and it's going great. We have had to spend a few dollars on some items but nothing above $ 20 and all were truly needed.  We will be continuing to watch our pennies until we sell the house and move into our new home. 

Exciting times again! 

Where Are We Wednesday brought us to Maryland this week.  We have driven through Maryland as a family and I have been to Baltimore for a weekend before.  The children also started back up on the Bricks 4 Kidz program with our homeschooling friends. Always a fun time. Snowplow build above. 

The girls finished up their graphing unit with a fun challenge using the Duplo blocks.  More Osmo fun with the Ipad.  Zachary has been working on Excel updating his spread sheet each week with my grocery receipt.  Tracking my savings and spending for me.

Eating healthy is a priority for the hubby and I this year.  As well as exercise. I am going full steam ahead with my healthy living. Already losing 7 pounds since January 2nd and my PVC is barely noticeable. 

Spaghetti squash was a first for me. It was great with some sauteed mushrooms and garlic!  Lots of creative salads and I made my own pizza dough for a homemade pizza for the kiddies. They were craving pizza since No Spend January has put us out of the pizza delivery option. 

We are getting some significant snow this weekend!  Kids will be happy!

I hope your week is filled with fun and love!

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Dawn Rebekah said…
Good job on your no spend month and weight loss journey! I hope you all enjoy the snow. We are jealous. It looks like it is just going to miss us.
Blessings, Dawn
Hwee said…
Well done for your healthy living plan! It seems that you've got really good results since you started. Living and eating healthily certainly make for an exciting plan going forward! :-)
Michelle said…
Hooray for your results of healthier eating, keep up the good work!!
Tina said…
Great job on the healthy meals! Proud of you! And I love that Z is tracking your spending for you. Win/win I would say :)
Stef Layton said…
I'm kinda freaking out. I've never heard of Bricks4Kidz - and there is one in our neighborhood !!!!


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