Wrapping it Up - January

Can you even believe that the first month of 2015 is coming to an end?  Does it seem like it was quick or what?  It seems like just last night our family was trying to all stay up to watch the ball come down in Times Square.  

This week has had it's moments.  With school and with life.  

The girls started a month long money unit. We spent the week exploring coins and researching them on line.  I never knew there were so many different penny options. The backs are different on many of them. 

Zachary continues right along with Geometry and our #WhereAreWeWednesday brought us to Virginia.  

If you follow me on Instgram, you probably saw all my prepping for the Blizzard 2015. 

Of course there was the Blizzard of 2015.  For us (an hour North of NYC) we prepped and prepared our home and our minds for 12-24 inches and probable power outage.  Well...the storm went East and we ended up with about 3 inches total between the two days.   BUST for us.. we prayed for all those in Long Island and other areas that were devastated with all the snow and wind. 

On our mission not to spend a penny on "non essential" items for January #NoSpendChallange, I took last weekend and came up with a Laundry/Boiler room makeover. We had paint already from another project.  I used my Silhouette Cameo for a few decor projects and pulled some baskets and other items from other parts of the house.  It came together nicely!  Just in time to put the house on the market in a few short weeks! The cost was ZERO out of pocket. 

What went real well this week....my new outlook on life and myself.   Eating well (1200 calories per day or less), drinking 8-10 cups of water per day and exercising 6 days a week. It has all paid off.  My heart is feeling strong, I have so much energy and I have lost 10 pounds since January 2nd!  My goal is 35 pounds.  Those jeans in that pic above all DONT Fit me!  All a bigger size and all can be pulled off without unbuttoning!  Can I get an AMEN?!  I am left with 4 pair of paints that currently fit.  (besides workout pants).  

What's up for the weekend ahead...

Tomorrow the kids have a b'day party to go to and it's an indoor swimming party!

Sunday - hubby hoping to take the kids all skiing and of course, the Superbowl!  GO SEAHAWKS!

What you might have missed this week on The Joys of Home Educating...

I hope your weekend is filled with fun and laughter! 

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Nita said…
Congrats on the weight loss. That's the one area I haven't tackled well this year. I do believe proper rest increases weight loss. I'm visiting from Weekly Wrap Ups
Dawn Rebekah said…
Good Job on the weight loss. I need to get working on that too. Glad you are all safe and sound.
Blessings, Dawn
Tristan said…
January has flown past! Way to go on eating well and losing weight. That's hard work.

I love the money learning - my kids love seeing the different pictures on coins. We saw a money exhibit at the museum this month and they loved it.
Have a great weekend.
Tonia L said…
Congrats on the weight loss! Great job! We only got a dusting from the snowstorm as well - was prepared for more but it passed us by.
Anonymous said…
woohooo way to go girl!! Looks like a great week!
Jenni Ryan said…
I know what you mean. It seems like yesterday was Christmas and a new year was staring at us. Now we're onto the 2nd month in it! Congrats on the progress!!! That's amazing and you're doing a wonderful job!
Great week! I love your laundry room and well done for losing all that weight! Can you send some motivation my way?

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