Spring Easter Yarn Wreath - DIY

DIY: Spring Easter Yarn Wreath

 Sharing an easy DIY Easter Yarn Wreath with you today! 


 Glue Dots (or hot glue gun)
 Artificial flower sprig
Yarn (this is Key Lime Pie from Lily)

To help keep the yard tight and in place, I secured with a Glue Dot. 

Next just start tightly winding. (TIGHTLY is the key)

When I get about 1 inch before meeting both sides of the yarn, I cut and use a glue dot to secure. 

 Then I attached some of the flowers (off the stem) with glue dots. 

 For the big finish - I attached the glass eggs to some yarn and tied at the top. 

I love how it turned out. Just a pop of color on our front door. 

Happy Spring! 


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