Facts on Hiking Watkins Glen State Park - Gorge

Our big vacation every year is to the Finger Lakes region of New York. Sure there's wine...water...boats and more...BUT we spend our 6 days hiking, eating, camping, eating more and going to the NASCAR race each year.  We are getting faster with three miles round trip hike up and then down this beautiful gorge.

I wanted to offer some tips for hiking the gorge...maybe some of you might be going there someday...after all it's ranked number 3 in the nation for beautiful state parks and for great reason.  The trails, waterfalls and too many to count photo opps, brings our family back every year.  

My TOP 5 Tips for family hiking/visit 
to Watkins Glen State Park - Gorge

1.  Wear comfie shoes but ones that can get wet.  Although you don't get "soaked" there are parts of the trails that get wet from continuous waterfalls.

2.  No dogs allowed (booo).  They don't allow you to leave your dog in the vehicle either (smart policy!)

3.  Bring plenty of water and a few snacks.  Resting is key for young kids. Stop and smell the flowers (but don't pick them...)

4.  There is a bathroom at the bottom when you start, a little ways up and then at the top. Also a concession and gift stand up at the top.  There is also a great little playground that gives the kids some time to play.  If you feel you can't make it back down, there is a shuttle that runs continuous that brings you back to the bottom. 

5. Take Photos!  SOO many picture opportunities.  I can't tell you how many pictures I have of every fall, every flower, the kids by every big rock..LOL

There is also an $ 8 fee to park at the gorge but if you have the Empire Pass I believe it's FREE. 

There is also a great little ice cream stand at the bottom too for some cool sweetness.  I have the children bring long sleeves as it gets a little cool at times depending on where you are on your hike. 

Are you a NASCAR fan?  Thinking of attending the race at The Glen?  Watch for my post coming up on what to bring to a NASCAR race if are bringing the kiddos.  

Until next time - Be Blessed!


Anonymous said…
oh my goodness what a pretty hike!! The kids all look huge btw!
Melissa N. said…
It is beautiful Lindsay. Yes they are getting big, smart and awesome!
Mary Prather said…
Look how mature the kids are looking.... such a beautiful family, Melissa!

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