Catching Up, Remembering and Collage Friday

Remembering today those people who lost their lives 14 years ago.  

We are SO hanging on to summer here at The Joys of Home Educating.  

If you have been a blog follower for a while you know that each year I take the children to The Jersey Shore (#jerseystrong) at the end of the summer.  We USUALLY go the week after Labor Day because, duh, the crowds are far less. This year, since Labor Day was late, we went the week OF!  gasp, I know!

We were pleasantly surprised that it was not THAT busy.  We enjoyed the ocean, boardwalk, ice cream, mini golf, dinners out, hotel pool and most of all, DADDY went with us this year!  A first! 

A great time was had by all! 

As soon as we got back, we hosted our Newell Family Backyard Campout (it had been since 2012 since our last one)  Seven families came, pitched their tent, shared a meal, bonfire and sang songs with us.  The children were up until the wee hours of the follow day as well as most adults.  Let's just say dawn came WAY too fast after my head hit the air mattress! 

We had a friendly competition this year. We asked the families to create a Family Flag/Crest that represented their family. I was SUPER excited that each family did one and the picture of the kids above, displays them all!

The pool picture and the girls (face painted) were taken on Monday at a friend of ours.  We were invited (rare!) to a bbq and swim all day. We were there 7 hours (time flew) and we had a great time!  (best smoked salmon EVER!)

Even though we have not started back (full time) to our school schedule, we have been easing back into many subjects.  Art is a BIG one in our home, with our daughters. Molly enjoyed the hummingbird pastel tutorial over at Hodgepodge.  In addition she worked on a new Doodle Crate and Sammie continues to kick butt in her Tae Kwon Do Class. (3 nights a week)  

Over the summer the children took enrichment classes at a local elementary school.  Sammie picked a Silly Science is a video from her class erupting her volcano!


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Mary Prather said…
Melissa, your family is blessed with the most fun times!!! The backyard campout looks like so much fun! Wish I lived closer ;-)
Wow, Melissa, there are so many wonderful things I could comment on in this post. We love the ocean, too and also went to Jersey this year, although not to the shore. The family reunion looks fantastic. I wish we could have a family reunion, but I am afraid that I must wait for my kids to have families first! It really does look like you guys are hanging onto summer. I congratulate that!! Sounds like a great beginning to your school year as well. We also have been easing back into school.
Dawn Rebekah said…
I love the idea of a family camp. That sounds like so much fun. Of course, we would have to do it earlier in the summer. We are starting to have bear visits in our yard now. What an awesome week.
Blessings, Dawn
Melissa N. said…
Thanks Mary 8) Wish you lived closer too!

Thanks Phyllis. The "Family" campout was not a reunion but rather 7 families who love the outdoors and came to camp with us in our backyard 8)

Dawn - our bears will be out in a few weeks - after our HUGE Halloween party they are in abundance eating all the left over peanuts that end up on the ground throughout the have strict rules during the campout that no one is allowed any food in their tents at all...that helps 8)
Jamie Jeffers said…
Looks like you've been having some great times! I want to fit more camping into our schedule, but we are always so darned busy.
It all looks so much fun!! I'm shuddering at your's and Phyllis' comment about bears. Yikes! We're from uk where the only bears here live in zoos!
Hodgepodgemom said…
Love, love that hummingbird!!

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