Countdown Calendar - 10 Minute Craft

Coming at you today with a quick 10 minute Craft. 

Love to decorate for all seasons in the home.  This is one the kids will enjoy and can even help out making. 

Counting down to the end of any month can be fun for kids!  (not to mention different ways to sneak in some Math for school!)

 Using an old frame that I had hanging around (it's real inexpensive), some Washi tape and a countdown FREE downloaded print.  I used this one from LollyJane, but Pinterest has a ton of them for free downloads. 

I used the piece of paper that came in the frame (afterall, I will just be changing it out come November anyway), I taped the coundown calendar to it using some decorative Washi Tape. 

Then to decorate the raw wood (thought about painting it, but changing the color scheme to fit the month is easier with the Washi Tape) I ran some tape down each side.  Put it all back together and there you go! 

Grab a dry erase marker and you have your October Countdown calendar. 

Let the kids mark off each day...have fun with it. 

Now off to look for November and December countdown prints. 

Enjoy the time and happy crafting!


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