Fall Friday and Stories in Pictures

Happy Fall Friday Y'all

I know it's not officially fall yet, however, all the signs are pointing towards it being fall soon. 

Loving the mornings with cool crisp air!  

This week has been a busy one, as they all have lately

Last Sunday was Grandparents Day and I treated my mom (aka Bubby) to a day in the city (aka NYC) with a Broadway show.

  The costumes, music and general hum of the theater was enough to take your breathe away.  We had dinner at a great little Irish Pub - Connelly's Pub (Times Square location).    We live an hour north of NYC and we rarely get a chance to go in and enjoy The Big Apple.  

The local farmers market is in full swing with crisp delicious veggies, baked goods, organic beef, eggs, raw honey and more...

More signs that fall is knocking on our door.  Pictures from around our town. 

In school....

Zachary just completed the week long IOWA test last week. I mailed them back to Seton for grading.  It was not required by the public school this year, but I like them as a bench mark to where is he in the scheme of things and honestly more for me to gauge IF I am doing a good enough job with the basics. 

Molly and Sammie have been obsessed with all things LEGO this week. Building things for their LARGE animal collection.  
Since mornings have been cooler, we have been baking a lot. Fun for them, not fun for my will power!  

Thursday morning I needed to step away from the home for a bit and regroup. Taking care of myself is so important. I feel myself getting quick to yell lately and not being tolerant of my children.  Enjoying and remember what God's beauty is all about was a nice break. 

I had to share this picture with you. I heard the girls talking and singing and came to find them pretending to have a radio show. Making their own microphones out of their Tinker Toys.  I love letting them have creative play time. So important for their budding minds!  

Happening today:  I am shopping at the outlets with my MIL today.  Molly is being recognized at a local library for her entry in a poster contest - topic was sustainability (will show you a pic of that next week).  Sam has martial arts class...wow  - busy Friday for sure! We have the first soccer games of the season on Saturday and after church on Sunday it's apple picking with the cousins!

I am continuing to prep for our October 1st full time school start.  Soaking in the last few weeks of September. We have 1 more camping trip left with our BFF's before we put the camper in storage for the season. 

UPDATE:  Our new home search was put on hold in March due to some restructuring of my husband's job (which still is not completely resolved) sigh.....

Should be a fun filled weekend with soccer games, church and bonfires!  

I hope your weekend is great! 

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Emily Copeland said…
Stopping by from Collage Friday! It certainly does look like fall is on the way for you. WI'm a little envious. We're still completely green in eastern NC. ;)
Oh, I LOVE all your autumn photos, they are so beautiful! I just adore this time of year!
Karen said…
Beautiful pictures!!! I love Fall the best but it's still warm here. Can't wait until it gets cool and the leaves change! Happy Fall.

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