Fall Friday Checking In - a BUSY - Week in review

Happy Friday and Happy Fall Y'all!

There were days this week when fall was in full swing and there were days when it was feeling more like winter!

Last Saturday (as all Saturdays are till the middle of November) we spent the morning and into the afternoon at the soccer field.  The weather was LESS than stellar.   

As you can see in the video above, we had snow flurries on the way to my son's home last Sunday...

  •  If you are a follower on Instagram you know the story behind the LOST KEYS sign. Lost my keys to my truck, 5 days later they turn up 1/2 mile from my home on a random YIELD Sign.. #aGodThing #kindnessofastranger
  • Fall in the Hudson Valley, NY is so pretty
  • Family dinner with ALL my children and daughter in law
  • We studied owls this week
  • Kids laying on the floor to compare themselves with the largest owl wingspan (5 ft)
  • Books we read on owls - highly recommend
  • Molly and Sammie did a venn diagram on owls vs. bats

  • Molly takes a sewing class 2 times per week while Sammie is in martial arts (1 hour to myself!) She is loving it! She is making a lot of Christmas presents right now!
  • I feel in love with the snoopy material (insider tip - Peanuts will be a HOT trend in clothing Spring of 2016)

  • We studied Claude Monet this week in Masterpiece Monday
  • Talking about eating healthy in health class. Started to read labels also on our food. 

  • In our Bible study this week we talked about how Jesus fed 5000 on only 5 loaves of bread and two fishes. The girls are loving these sticker books to recreate the scenes. 
  • At a quick trip to a local grocery store, Molly found her picture again for Sustainable Warwick. I blogged about it here

  • Each month there are four of us "middle aged" moms who get together (switch up homes) and have a few hours of fun girl time. This month, I hosted and it was last night. We girl talk, dance around a little and act goofy. Always great food (thanks Pinterest) and great company. 

Molly made an art tutorial this week - how to draw a cute bat.  I would love for you to check it out!

I have been pinning up a storm lately with slow cooker ideas, homeschool ideas and Halloween ideas. I invite you to check them out!

Not pictured:  soccer practices, martial arts, mom with a head cold, trampoline class and all my crockpot meals!

This weekend - soccer games, movies, family dinners, seeing old friends, church and football! 

Enjoy your weekend - linking to: Collage Friday and Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers - come join me!


Anonymous said…
What a fun week...except for the temperature...brrr!
Tonia L said…
Cold is moving in here too... I enjoyed the beautiful fall weather while it lasted.

Looks like a great week - love the monthly 'girl' nights - looks like fun!
Stef M Layton said…
what fun to host a girls night!! I'm not seeing any hot apple cider.
Wow! You were busy! I'm tired just reading it all, but it all looked like such a good time.
Dawn Rebekah said…
You all did lots this week. Your girls night out sounds fantastic.
Blessings, Dawn
Melissa N. said…
Stef - there was cider but it had Salted Caramel Vodka in it 8)

Thanks ladies - it was a cold but great week!
I'm so behind on my blog reading due to twinny birthday tomorrow, but it looked like you had a marvelous time last week, and are probably in the middle of a fabulous week this week. Love the photos of you and your friends. great fun!

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