Our First Week Back

It was our first official week back to school since our summer schedule ended.  
We had a great week!

  School ran longer than previous years each day, but the children did not mind. 

They were ready for more...and so was I.

It rained on Monday so we got the gym mat out in the afternoon.  Molly worked on one of her Doodle Crates and I helped out at a local bake sale on Sunday for our library. The business card above is what Molly made for Sammie. Sammie decided she wanted to start her own business helping kids who are sick.  LOVE HER!

  • Busy with our Bible studies
  • Got out our apple peeler and had some yummy snacks.
  • It's National Popcorn Month - so of course we had to celebrate!
  • Molly started Algebra (yes 3rd grade - she loves Math)
  • We had fun with our first study of our Masterpiece Monday series - Picasso - Cubism.

  • We started our Liberty Kids studies with Sammie (1st) and Molly (3rd) (LOVE THESE!)
  • The crockpot continues to be my best friend as we have had something going on each night and it's a time saver!
  • Healthy zucchini oat cookies for quick grab snacks
  • Back to Where Are We Wednesday with our state studies. Louisiana this week

  • Our local library is such a valuable resource for us (most homeschoolers would agree).  It would be difficult to home educate the kids without it. 
  • This week the girls and I attended a FABULOUS workshop on Wednesday night - learned all about spinning material into yarn, natural dying, weaving and more. FUN hands on and FREE!

Molly had a blast using one of her Doodle Crates this week. 
She made our new school mascot - Sly! It was a paper mache/plaster mask. It took her a few days and lots of patience but it paid off in the end!

The video below is a cool Scribble Bot that Zachary made this week. STEM!  

With soccer practices, martial arts and library - our nights were busy. We still found plenty of time for seasonal themed reading and family time. 

UPDATE ON HEALTH:  So my bloodwork came back - all excellent!  Numbers have gone down to perfect health levels!  Losing 50 lbs has paid off!  (5 lbs to go to reach my goal!)

This weekend - soccer games, putting the camper into storage for the season and church. 

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Erin Vincent said…
You guys have been busy! Wow, so many great activities and learning. Thanks so much for sharing at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers.
Phyllis said…
There is so much to love about your week. The top for me is the weaving (I always wanted a chance to create textiles)and the wonderful fox your daughter made. Just lovely. What a treat to read about your week!
Looks like a great first week back. We love Liberty's Kids. We watched the whole series last year (1st/3rd) and will probably re-watch it at some point this year (2nd/4th).
Jessy Skehan said…
How wonderful about your health numbers! And the 50#! I'm on a losing weight journey myself, but as of late I haven't been able to focus much on it...Such a variety of learning - arts, techie, core!
Megan Russell said…
Congrats on the weight loss! We just started watching Liberty Kids this week, and my kids love it.
Wow you sound so healthy! What a great feeling. I love Molly's 'Sly' - fun mascot. And I'm impressed with Zachary's scribble bot. Those things are MUCH harder to make than they look!!
Dawn Rebekah said…
What an amazing week. Your library programs are so awesome. You are blessed to have them. I wish our library system did more great things like that. Your health news in wonderful. I am happy for you.
Blessings, Dawn
What a lovely week. Congratulations on the weight loss - that's fantastic! My daughter would be very jealous of those gymnastic mats!
Stef M Layton said…
What a super neat workshop! I need to find more fun things like that for us. My boys absolutely loved Liberty Kids too!

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