The Last Hurrah - Summer is over

This week was our last week of "summer school". We start back October 5th with our full time schedule.  Schooling year round is really just a way of life for us. The children crave the routine and they love the lighter schedule in the summer.    SO we really tried hard to soak it all in this past week! 

It was our last camping trip of the season with our BFFs and we rolled a ton of fun activities into the 48 hours!  We start and end the season at a Jellystone Campground about an hour from us.

A few miles from our Jellystone campsite there is a great farm.  They offer the usual pumpkin picking and apple cider donuts but there are other reasons we fell in love with it.  They had the coolest mini golf course and petting zoo.  We spent the better part of 3 hours checking it all out

Some fun times on this fall camping trip. Of course it would not be a trip to Jellystone without our character visits. 

 Cindy stopped by the site to say hi and offer hugs.  We raised the flag on Saturday morning with Boo Boo bear and the bouncy pillow is always a big hit.  Camp fires are always a must and the weather could not have been better both nights! 

When we tent camped (years ago), we had the same two sites - one for our BFFs and one for us. In between those sites was this big rock formation. It became OUR ROCK.  We took our family pictures there year after year.  Now that we have a camper, our friends still tent camp but our location in the park has changed.  This weekend there was no one on our old sites so we "relived" the days gone by and took family pictures again at "our rock".  Above are the pictures from this weekend (missing is the youngest of our BFF's child - he was home) and below is from 2011. Oh my how these guys have grown up! 

Because we camped Friday night, Sammie missed her orange belt test at her taekwondo class. They allowed her to make it up on Monday.  She had to perform all her skills in front of the entire class and Masters. She ROCKED IT!  So proud of her.  Mark my words, you will see great things from this girl in sports!  

This week Molly spent a few days and 1 night at her Grammie's. This meant I only had 2 children in tow.  It was a quiet few days.  We went to the local farm market for some yummy lunch (two pics above).  I found a maple syrup made by Laura from Finding Home Farms (she is a local gal and a FABULOUS Blogger - check out her blog if you are not familiar!) 

 The little picture in the bottom right corner are results of Zachary's IOWA test that he took a few weeks ago.  I order from Seton Testing and they always do a great job with quick turnaround.  I am happy to report that he took the 5th grade test (required in NY to test every other year, but I am doing it each year) and scored 8th grade 2 months!  I used the test as a bench mark to see how I am doing as well as how he is.  We are pleased with how he is doing. Middle School starts Monday! 

This weekend is filled with soccer games, library used book sale and a few bake sales...not to mention church!  

My contributions to the bake sales...cupcake fun!

Happy October and Breast Cancer Awareness month - schedule that mamo ladies!

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Jessy Skehan said…
How fun! I miss camping! We went on a July 4th weekend camping trip with all our kids this summer...I wish that had been time for more trips! (You should see the HUGE tent we purchased for all 7 of us! LOL) Sounds like a great start to your new year!

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