Weekly Wrap Up: Happy FrightDay

Happy FrightDay!

I can't believe it's almost the end of October - this month FLEW by!

Welcome to another Weekly Wrap Up at The Joys of Home Educating. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Lots of reading (as always) this week. 
  • Our Matserpiece Monday subject was: Leonardo da Vinci - Molly is using the OSMO app/game to recreate The Mona Lisa
  • Sammie decided in the middle of class the other day to sort ALL our crayons...lol...sometimes it's just easier to let the little ones go with it!

Zachary's video using his latest Tinker Crate. 

We waited to carve our pumpkin until Thursday - we have a lot of little critters outside that will love to eat this baby up before Halloween!  

Girls had fun - little Science thrown in there!

We learned about spiders this week - the girls made a web and a paper spider to go along with the unit study.

Fall is in full swing here in NY - the leaves are covering the ground and showing off the total beauty they have!  

I got 6 inches cut off my hair this week and LOVE IT!  Not used to it totally but love the look.  It goes well with my 50 lb weight loss! 

What's not shown in pictures:

  • Where Are We Wednesday - studied the state of Colorado
  • Health Class - wrapped up our Getting Wise to Wrappers (labels) - learning all about the food labels and what ingredients are in food.
  • Three martial arts classes
  • Two sewing classes
  • One trampoline class
  • HomeGhoul (homeschool) Halloween Party today - just having another family over to have cupcakes and let the kids wear their costumes. 

What's Up for the Weekend:

  • Three soccer games tomorrow (praying a little warmer than the last two weeks have been)
  • Halloween - Sammie's de jong is doing a fun thing for the kids and then we will trick-or-treat a little.
  • Church
  • Prepare my heart and lesson plans for November for school.

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Gorgeous autumn photos, Melissa. Your pumpkin is so cute with the heart nose. Good idea to wait til Thursday to carve. My kids carved theirs on Tuesday. We keep them inside and put tea light candles inside, but I just had to throw both away because they were rotting all over the window sill, oops.

Happy Halloween!
Jessy Skehan said…
Prepare your heart for November homeschooling...More important than lesson planning! I started doing some planning today. Most of work is already planned or simply continuing on in whatever book we are using. You've had a fun week! Congrats on the weight loss!
Mother of 3 said…
50 pound weight loss??! That's awesome! Good for you. It sounds like you all had a wonderful week.

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