Weekly Wrap Up and A giveaway

Happy Friday the 13th!

Are you superstitious?  I am not, but this morning my treadmill stopped working properly putting my morning workout in jeopardy 8(

It was a cold and rainy weather week so a lot of inside happenings...

  • Since we went to see the new Peanuts Movie last weekend, we decided to study Charles M. Schulz this week for Masterpiece Monday
  • The Giving Tree studies and a lot of seasonal books. 
  • The library had a fun program also that the girls and I went to.

  • The weather did not stop us from some charity/community service this week. 
  • Going to the local dollar store to purchase items for our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. 
  • All year we collect our change and bring it to "cash in" so we can donate to the local food pantry. This year we saved up over $ 70 to donate!  I was proud of them and they were happy to turn it all over. 
  • Sammie is testing for her next belt next Friday and has been doing great in class. We are so proud of her dedication and commitment. 

  • Lots of fun studies at home. 
  • Where are We Wednesday brought us to Arizona this week.
  • Play-doh made an appearance for over 4 hours one afternoon.
  • My ONLY Thanksgiving decoration - LEGO Thanksgiving - do you need more? 
What's not pictured: 

Sewing class
Trampoline class
Daddy at the Jets Vs. Bills game

What's on tap for the weekend? Glad you asked....

Tonight is my monthly Ladies Night In - my friend is hosting - always fun to see the ladies and catch up. 
Last soccer games of the season. 

I have minor surgery next Thursday and could use some prayers. Anytime I am put under anesthesia I worry.  Already prepped meals and have my ducks in a row. Hubby is taking the day off to help out.  Probably won't have a post next week since typing will be hard (surgery is on my right hand).  

My friend, John, at CrossTimber is having a wonderful giveaway until Nov. 29th. I encourage you to check out his website and enter. 

Enter Giveaway Here

Enjoy the weekend and you can find me linking up at these awesome blogs:


Stef M Layton said…
so were you cheering for the Jets or the Bills?
Melissa N. said…
Neither Stef lol...I am a Vikings fan I guess...which is the team the majority of my family likes...so I am supporting them...USED to LOVE the Bills when I lived in Syracuse...but that has passed 8)
Megan Russell said…
Prayers for your surgery. Lego decorations sound like something my son would be all for! I blogged about our shoeboxes early this week. My kids love buying and stuffing the boxes!
Emily Copeland said…
Praying for your surgery to go smoothly!

Love the LEGO centerpiece. It's adorable! :)
Dawn Rebekah said…
Praying all goes well with your surgery.
Blessings, Dawn
Branson Merrill said…
We watched the great pumpkin charlie brown this year, but I haven't seen the thanksgiving one! I will have to check it out! I love, love, love that you collect change for the pantry! How cool to see it add up! Feel free to link up with us at the Parent Teacher Meet-Up as well! :) http://branson365.blogspot.com/2015/11/our-homeschool-week-in-review.html
Mother of 3 said…
Hope all went well with your surgery; I am just now reading all the linkups! I love your idea of collecting all the loose change for the local food bank; that's such a great idea!!

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