Weekly Wrap Up

Happy November! 

Only a few more weeks left of 2015 - can you believe it?

Halloween weekend was perfect weather and lots of ghoulish fun!  We had another homeschooling family over for a little HomeGhoul Halloween Party.  Always a fun time! 

We trick or treated with friends after we went to the Halloween Haunted House at Sammie's martial arts school. 

People in our area really do it up right!
We really did not have too much "book work" this week and it was a nice break...
The weather was unseasonably warm this week here in NY and we took advantage of that by going to the beach/lake for the afternoon on Tuesday. 

We found so many animal prints in the sand on Tuesday.  From horse prints to deer to coyote and wild turkey.  It was fun looking for all the different prints. So many animals call this park their home - kinda surprised we did not see bear.

Wednesday the children went to their grandmothers for the day and night. She brought them home on Thursday late afternoon. I had a day and 1/2 to do whatever I wanted! Hubby and I had a much needed date night with a great dinner and live music.

Thursday - I shopped a little, rested a little, cleaned a little, organized a little, got a manicure and ran a million and one errands. It was a nice break but I missed them also.

This weekend - soccer games and some fun at the library with a crafty afternoon!

Enjoy the weekend and you can find me and other homeschoolers linking up at:

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Nita said…
I love going to the beach! The weather is always unpredictatable around this time of year. I am visiting from Weekly Wrap Up.
Dawn Rebekah said…
Great week! I love the animal prints! They are so cool.
Blessings, Dawn
Jenny Sparrow said…
I love the animal prints! My children would have loved to spend the day finding those on the beach.
Megan Russell said…
It's always nice to have a small break from everyone! Sounds like a fun week.
Mother of 3 said…
My son had the exact same Pikachu costume this year. He's still wearing it around the house as pajamas.

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