WOW now that the holiday shopping is behind me and the bills have already been paid off (thank you hubby who budgets so well..) am I am back to my NO SPEND JANUARY.  Hoping it offsets the overspending we did this Christmas.   We, as a family, love the challenge and it helps us show discipline and respect for what we DO have.  Lots of board games, DVD rentals from Library (free) and family time!

I want to challenge myself to do better in January when it comes to our grocery budget.  We really don't have a "budget" as far as the traditional word goes.  However, I have my own budget that i like to stick to.  Last year it was $ 150 per week average on groceries.  Which for a family of 5 who 4 of them are home most days and hubby brings leftovers everyday, is not bad. (mind you we eat mostly organic and whole foods)

My personal grocery challenge:  To only spend $ 100 per week - which means giving up my Shop From Home option (fee of $ 5.95 per week for a private shopper to shop for me, bag my grocery's and have them waiting for a pick up time.I know it's a luxury but one that will buy me a gallon of organic milk instead of the fee)

SO this year again, I will be living the NO SPEND CHALLENGE!  The kids and hubby are on board, which helps!  This means, we pay our regular bills (mortgage, utilities etc) and set a budget for food (see above)  There is no outside entertainment, unless it’s free nor is there any wine purchases or take out pizza.

IF you already knew you were going to do the NO SPEND CHALLENGE again this year.....

Are you excited?

Maybe a little nervous?  

Thinking, can we do this? 

How will this go?

Am I strong enough? 

DO I have the support of a spouse or significant other? 

DO I have the children s' "buy in"?

I will need to be creative in my meal planning and shop from my already stocked pantry also. 
Who is with me?

SIDE NOTE: We do have a vacation planned already late January but I will do my best to pack all our food and not eat out during that time.


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