Collage Friday - Weekly Update

Happy Friday everyone!  

So glad you are here!

Thanks for stopping by.  It's been a great homeschooling week and we finally got a small amount of snow. Makes it pretty, but not enough to really play in. 

Here is our busy week in review in pictures....

Creative thinking:  Sammie has been following more of an "unschooling" routine lately. She has no desire to sit at the table and do any kind of "book work" unless its a group project.

She has been doing a lot of hands on activities.

I will admit, it's a little struggle for me, being the mom who has a plan and likes to stick with it, but I am trying to be flexible with her. 

Home Economics - for Home Ec the children do daily chores and cooking. This week the girls created a yummy treat from Sammie's Highlights February issue of the Highlights magazine (a Christmas present).

They were sooo yummy!


It's been a great week for Art.  
  • Chalk Pastels - Molly and I are creating daily with this messy medium but it's been great!
  • Sammie: Art for Kids is more her thing. 
If you follow on Instagram you would see many more chalk pastel projects we did over the week. Using Hodgepodge Mom's tutorials. 

  • A lot of LEGO creations happening around the house.
  • These fun ZOOB toys are great for S.T.E.M. play

(here is what Amazon says about them)

  • 125 colorful ZOOB Pieces, expandable and compatible with all other ZOOB sets
  • Represents STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) principles, open ended toys to construct, engineer, explorer and experiment
  • Includes a durable plastic storage tub and 5 instruction guides
  • Recommended for children 6 years of age and older

I highly recommend for any age. 

  • No shortage of LEGO FRIENDS kits around the house and some creative LEGO builds - Zachary's Ipad Mini stand.
Geography:  Where Are We Wednesday brought us to Alaska this week.  I did a pastel drawing of the Northern Lights.
Time out for Snap Circuits. 

We have started our hunt for our new home (only a year overdue). It was suppose to happen last year but a little snag in my husband job had us put it on hold. We are going full force now. We have already seen 4 homes with 7 more scheduled for Monday.  (We are planning on staying in our area just a bigger house with more land)

Science and History -  we are still using our A Beka Science curriculum and reading a lot of winter themed stories (love the library!)
The girls and I are also plugging along with Liberty Kids.

What you don't see in pictures:

  • Daddy took the kids skiing last weekend (man made snow) - use those season passes.
  • Martial arts - three times this week
  • Election teachings - Zachary is getting together weekly with a homeschool friend and together they are learning about the election process. 
  • Trampoline class - tonight for the bigger kids
  • My annual physical (today). 

No Spend January is still in full force - we had to buy a new car (picking up on Saturday) so that was a necessity.   My food bill weekly has averaged $ 100!  

We leave for vacation a week from Monday and that was planned months ago, but we will do our best not to over spend and our food is coming with us.  

Whats on tap for this weekend:  

  • Picking up my husband's new car tomorrow
  • Maybe the kids and hubby can ski
  • Church
  • My oldest and his wife are coming for family dinner on Sunday.
  • Monday my husband has off and we will be looking at homes all day!

Enjoy the weekend and be blessed!

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Mother of 3 said…
That all sounds wonderful!
Dawn Rebekah said…
The house hunting part is fun. It is the packing part that is hard. I hope you move is smooth when it comes.
Blessings, Dawn

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