New Year - New Weekly Wrap Up

Happy 2016 Everyone!

Welcome to The Joys of Home Educating - we are so glad you are here!

Sharing our week back with you in a weekly wrap the bottom of the post you can find out what other great blogs we are linking up to and sharing our week with. 

  • Big week for reading
  • Masterpiece Monday - Edward Hicks and studying the Peaceable Kingdom. Great study for kids.
  • The Mitten - book and study - So many awesome FREE resources out there for The Mitten.

  • New Planners - new notebooks - so much fun!
  • Zachary is starting lessons on the election, how to become President and a weekly President report. 
  • Drawing - Art - Molly is obsessed with drawing in all mediums - chalks, pencils, pastels...

  • Where Are We Wednesday - Minnesota - GO Vikings!  They are in the playoffs this year and the family is excited (except for Zachary - he is a Saints fan)
  • Molly received an entire collection of Judy Moody books for Christmas - started one already!

Fun From Instagram 


  • New Calendar from a friend
  • My new go to bread - SO GOOD - making a few loaves a week.
  • Many fires happening at night - getting cold - FINALLY here in NY
  • This new entertainment center - my hubby built for the playroom/family room!  LOVING IT - he is also finishing up a coffee table to match it. 

I am busy with my meal planning and No Spend January is in full swing!  

We do have a few exceptions - we have a vacation planned and mostly paid for at the end of January
and my husband needs to buy a new car. So I am doing my best to not spend in any other places except the necessities. Also keeping my grocery budget to $ 100 per week. You can check out the other No Spend January posts too. 

What's happened this week - not pictured:
Martial arts class - three nights this week
Sewing Class - two nights this week
Trampoline Class - one night this week
Tween/teen Bible Study - one night

sigh..always running at night...

This weekend:  Skiing and car shopping for hubby.

Hope your weekend is filled with fun and love.

Linking to: Collage Friday at Homegrown Learners and Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers


Mother of 3 said…
We're trying a no spend January also... or at least as best we can with three birthdays and parties.... I figure every little bit I can save helps. We're cutting back on groceries by trying to use up everything in our freezer and pantry and only buying those perishable items we need.
Jessy Skehan said…
I don't think I could get through a month without spending on SOMETHING extra. It seems there is always something that pops up unexpected. :sigh: But I hope this month to limit spending to just needs. Not even wants. My kids have decided to take over meal planning and purchasing groceries. I gave them a $100 budget (but it's already gone and they have 5 more days to go). It's been quite eye-opening for them! I actually spend around $150/week, but knew they would need a "cushion". (No way was 1 gallon of milk, 16 slices of cheese, 2 loaves of bread, and 1 dozen eggs lasting a week with this crew!) The Mitten is one of my favorites. I love all of Jan Brett's books!
Ticia said…
At some point I'll do a no spend January, but I always forget my intentions until a week in...
Megan Russell said…
My husband probably wishes I would have a no spend January! Ha! Trampoline class sounds fun!!
Dawn Rebekah said…
Your bread is so pretty! I bet it is yummy too. Good luck with your no spending month.
Blessings, Dawn

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