No Spend Challenge - Check In

No Spend January - Monday Check In

Happy Monday.

It's Monday which means check in time on the No Spend January!  How are you doing on the #NoSpendChallenge?  We are in the home stretch now! We had some highs and lows this week...


- Credit Cards:  nice to see a zero balance on the credit card this month! 

- Planned out our meals and packed for vacation. Instead of eating at the lodge or out all the time, we have a full kitchen so made homemade muffins, banana bread and stuff for lunches (1 dinner - out the other two) for vacation. 

- Already planned dinner for the night we get back so we don't order take out!  


- Broke down and bought wine for our vacation (leave today). 8(  It's a vacation afterall 8)

- Over on my $ 100 food budget for the week due to buying a few things for the Superbowl that were on a great sale and some vacation extras. 

It's been a good No Spend January.  The children did not complain once and did have a few treats here and there from friends and neighbors. 

We will be continuing to cut way back since we are looking to move in the Spring/Summer! 

How did you do? What would you have changed?  Will you do it again? Continue it?


Jessy Skehan said…
Well, I didn't participate, but I'm so tempted. I just don't think I can get through a month without any spending beyond bills and basics! It seems like something always pops up...a scout camping trip, something for the oldest's school, a clothing need. But it's inspiring just the same. I can definitely cut back spending!
Melissa N. said…
Jessy, give yourself some smaller goals - maybe weekly and see how you do.

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