No Spend Challenge - Monday Update

Happy Monday and Happy New Year!  If you are here for the first time, welcome from The Joys of Home Educating.  If you are an old friend, welcome back 8)

Today I bring you our first post of 2016 and our Monday Update on the No Spend January challenge.  

If you are clueless as to what I am talking about, I invite you to check out the post out on No Spend January - prepping and No Spend January - Repeat - where I share my personal goals in addition to the family goals.

Today I want to talk about unsubscribing and making plans for the week ahead

Unsubscribing - I am simply talking about clicking UNSUBSCRIBE to all those deal websites and shopping sites that you get inundated with emails every day. The ones that tempt you with the free shipping and percentage off deals. Don't worry, if you choose, you can subscribe to them on February 1st, but my hope is that you stay away from them all together. 

My suggestion is that you take 10 mins per day and do as many of them as you can. For some of us, this might take a week to accomplish our entire list (hand raising over here).

Plans for the week 

Meal Planning- meal planning is a must!  This will help with the impulse buys at the store.  I stay well within my budget if I meal plan and only buy what's on my list. 

If you are normally a person who loves to shop, shop your closet today...take some time to clean it out, try stuff on, organize it and make it look pretty - shopping your own closet can be fun!  One step further, donate items you have not worn in a while, make room, simplify your wardrobe

Remember - this challenge is NOT just about saving money you would normally spend on STUFF , it's also about appreciating the things you DO have and not idolizing STUFF.  Living on less or with less.  

I am working on my food shopping list today, keeping it to
$ 100 or under for the week.  I am determined to do it and eat healthy! 

Here are some Pinterest boards that might help you also:

Living on Less
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Frugal Living

Enjoy your week and don't forget to check me out and follow on Instagram and share stories and tips and hints!  

Blessings to your week!


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