Weekly Wrap Up - Vacation style

Happy Friday and welcome to The Joys of Home Educating. So glad you are here in this space with me. 

We have been on vacation this week and had a nice time in Vermont! 
These pictures were from our first rest stop at the Vermont Welcome Center. Lots of stuff to look at and hands on!  Great FREE STOP!

  • The kids enjoyed four days of skiing the trails. 
  • I got a chance to work out a few days
  • Some down time for me in the lodge for February planning and meal planning.

  • A view from our suite
  • Trying out some new Sharpie Markers
  • Uno in the lodge
  • snowing - by the firepit

Sharing a new obsession:  Stop Animation Videos - making them on the IPAD. After watching the great movie last week on the history of LEGOS (see this post) the kids are hooked on making their own movies:  

What I am obsessed with this week:  PINTEREST

Finding so many new healthy recipes for my family!  A few to get you started!

Easy Veggie Lo Mein - made this already - turned out exactly like take out and healthier!

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Mother of 3 said…
Ooooh! A vacation- how fun! Looks like a wonderful time was had by all.
Jessy Skehan said…
Vermont is such a lovely place! Cate, Sam and I have wonderful memories of our trip though together years and years ago. Ben and Jerry's. Teddy Bear Factory. Science Museum. Swimming in the hotel pool. Restaurants. Fun stuff!
Melissa N. said…
Mother of 3 - it was fine for the kids and hubby. I dont ski so honestly I was board...too much relaxing for me ..lol

Jessy - yes it is.

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