Wrapping Up the Week - Collage Friday

Happy Friday!

Thanks for stopping by for our weekly wrap up. 

We are expecting some snow this weekend and I am praying they are not wrong. The kids and hubby have ski passes to a local mountain and it's killing me that the money is being wasted and I want to get out on the 4-wheelers and tear it up!

What happened here this week

Sunday:  Football and family - my older son and his wife and our "grandpuppy" came up for a visit. Fun snacks, dinner and oh that dessert! 

  • Working on the February plans for school.
  • Sammie and Molly: both have had some challenges this week with book work. I have tried to be patient with Sammie, but it's very hard sometimes. Pray for me please!
  • LEGOS:  Oh yes, the LEGO happenings..LOVING all of it and they are getting so creative with their play.

Where Are We Wednesday:  Hawaii

Reading a lot!  
HIGHLIGHT of the week:  We watched A LEGO Brickumentary (hour and 1/2) on Amazon PRIME (FREE). It was soooo great.  It went from the beginning up to current date with the history of LEGOS. IT was narrated by Justin Batemen (as the minifig above).  All of us learned so much.  

What you might have missed on the blog this week:

Monday Check in for No Spend January

What you did not see in pictures:
  • Martial Arts Class
  • Sewing Class
  • Trampoline Class
  • Presidential studies
  • CLEANING - LOTS OF CLEANING - Prepping the house to go on the market. Simplifying and decluttering. 

What I am obsessed with this week:

You Tube Channel:  Brothers Green Eats

What's happening this weekend:  

Hopefully skiing...packing for our vacation (leave on Monday) and more cleaning. We have 1 house to look at on Sunday afternoon. 

Hope you have a great weekend and you can find me linking up at these great blogs:

Homegrown Learners: Collage Friday


Mother of 3 said…
Those desserts look so yummy! And we're definitely going to be checking out the Lego movie! We got Amazon Prime for a Christmas gift and we rarely think to really take advantage of it!
Phyllis said…
Sounds like you accomplished a lot this week. That large pan cookie looks so good. You do a lot of out of the house activities. I don't know how you fit it all in!
Nita said…
Oh my hang in there, patience isn't my strong suite either. And last night we were up til 11pm doing work. Eek! I'm visiting from Weekly Wrap Up.
Jenny said…
The chocolate chip skillet cookie looks amazing!!! Glad you were able to get a lot of cleaning done. Happy house-hunting!
Dawn Rebekah said…
I hope you got snow. We have about a foot. That cookie dish looks so good. I hope next week goes better on the book learning side.
Blessings, Dawn
Jessy Skehan said…
So, how much snow did you get? It's kind of strange that it's the south getting the snow that we usually get! We didn't get a single flake out of that big storm. Sam would love that Lego Movie...but no Prime! :sigh: I hope you had a FAB time on vacation!

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