Weekly Wrap Up - NYC Style

Happy Friday Y'all! 

So glad you stopped by to check in on our homeschool happenings...

Last weekend (Monday actually) was my 48th birthday celebration weekend and it was jam packed with fun experiences!

If you follow me on Instagram you were in for a lot of posts from the city!

I invited two friends into NYC with me to have a fun world wind 24 hours (we live about an hour away from the city but rarely go in). We took the train (Metro North) into Grand Central Station.  We stayed at the Marriott across from Bryant Park and I would HIGHLY recommend this hotel to ANYONE who visits the area. It had a nice kitchen and two queen beds. FULL breakfast in the morning was included and free wifi!

My friend who is facing the wall in the upper picture was talking and listening to me whisper from the opposite side of the arch in front of the Oyster Bar at Grand Central. It's amazing how she could hear me among all the hustle and bustle of the terminal. Called the Whispering Wall for good reason!

We ate great food and had a few treats along the way.It was great not being on a schedule. The weather was almost 60 degrees and in and out of sun - P E R F E C T!

Visiting the Fashion Institute of Technology (my daughter in law is an alum of this collage) was a treat. They have a current exhibit, Fairytales through Fashion and it's excellent! All fashion inspired thru the years from fairytales. The museum is free to the public and was not that crowded. 

FIT also had a denim exhibit and I must say I learned a lot!  The bottom picture is a picture of Jordache jeans - same type I had growing up!  What a fun few hours.

Something I have always wanted to do, is go to the Top of the Rock. Rockefeller Center isn't just for watching the skaters (which we did that also) but the views from 67 flights up was amazing!  The day was PERFECT!  You could see Lady Liberty on one side off in the harbor and Central Park on the other side..with the Hudson River in between. It was worth the fee to get up there. 

My friend took the picture on the left when I was basking in the sun talking with my other friend.  I love the shot and it really captures the feel of the weekend.

We did some other touristy things...St. Patrick's Cathedral...pedi cab ride...warm pretzels in Bryant Park (happens to be where my son proposed to his wife.)

One of the highlights was dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe - Times Square.  I had been here before but nothing like this experience. First - I recommend reservations. Thankfully I was smart enough to reserve a time slot a week before. Otherwise there was over an hour wait at the door. 

 We were seated in the "video" area where we were right by the stage and the HUGE video screen. Watching old videos of songs we grew up on was a blast.  

Then when the song "Uptown Funk" by Bruno Mars came on this guy came out. All dressed to impress and had the moves!  He put on the show and then came down and grabbed my hand and had me dance with him. It was a packed house with everyone cheering and laughing...great times!   We took our time and had an over 2 hour dinner!

Homeschooling this week was not our priority some days. Molly had a 12 hour stomach bug early morning Tuesday and it was fierce. Thankfully the other kids did not get it.

We had martial arts class, bible study, 3-D printer course at the library and a few other things going on outside the home.

We went from an almost 60 degree day on Saturday and Sunday to snow on Tuesday. Crazy weather! 

We have great news!  Our home went on the market on Wednesday and we already had 1 showing on Thursday and an open house scheduled on Sunday! 

The offer was accepted on the house we want and the inspection is today!  Moving along! Keeping it all in prayer and trying for stress free. 

What's up for the weekend:

Saturday - a few household chores then a night a local school performance of Seussical the Musical - so many of our friends are in it! 

Sunday - church, then we need to be out of the house all afternoon for the open house here. 

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Enjoy the weekend!


Mother of 3 said…
What a fun and wonderful weekend with friends. It sounds lovely!
A lovely full week :)

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