Wrapping It all Up - MAJOR NEWS!

Happy Friday everyone!  

Welcome to The Joys of Home Educating - a place where I share the ins and outs of home educating our three children.

Today is our weekend Wrap Up!

Valentine Party last Friday. Fun with other homeschoolers! It was a LEGO themed party. 

As you can see by a few different pics of our vehicle thermometers, we had a cold spell last weekend. Happened to be Date Day last Saturday for me and the hubs.

Bottom picture is myself and a friend who runs one of the Jellystone Campgrounds that we refrequent. We have gotten to know the staff over the years and consider them friends.

We saw her at the RV Show which is where our date day began. The picture of Samantha in the Santa hat was on the Jellystone HUGE Display booth and that same picture is in their brochure.  After the RV show, the hubby and I worked our way back home via some pubs we have never tried. FUN times!

We did have school on Monday, Presidents Day and learned about several presidents and what they were known for. I was so proud of them when it came to studying Washington because they connected the Liberty Kids DVD's we do for History to the President and could speak about his time in the army.

Also studying the habits of animals in the winter.

One of our art projects this week was to make cursive bugs. Writing our names in cursive and they mirror imaging them. This was fun!

The top left picture:  Ladies night last night at my gal pals house. Don't you love the phone behind our heads! Always a fun time with these ladies.

Top right:  The girls are OBSESSED with Cutthroat Kitchen lately on TV and have been getting all our Melissa & Doug food out in the mornings and having a their own competition.

Where are We Wednesday - brought us to California this week.  We loved looking at pictures of the Redwood trees on line and how massive they are.

Sam and Molly's Cursive Bugs!

What is not pictured this week:  COLD and RAINY weather. Yesterday was nice and I took advantage of it. Haircuts, out to lunch and library.  Also the usual classes - martial arts and sewing. Plus bible study for Zachary

Ok on to the most exiting major news ever!  We found a house we want to buy and we are putting an offer in on it TODAY!  It's only within 10 miles of our current house but it has 99% of what we are looking for and that's better than I thought we would find!  

The agent also came over yesterday with a photographer and took pictures of our home and should be up on the market next week!

I will keep you all updated as we go thru this process!

What's up for the weekend:

Today - back over to the house for another look see and offer to the sellers.

Tomorrow morning I leave with two gal pals for NYC for the weekend. Suppose to be 55 and sunny so God is shinning down on me this weekend!  My birthday is Monday and I have a great weekend planned for myself and my two friends!  If you follow on Instagram be prepared for an overload of NYC beauty! 

Enjoy the weekend and you can find me and others linking up at Homegrown Learners and Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers.


Mother of 3 said…
Sounds like a great week and the perfect weekend to visit NYC!
congratulations! Would love to see your posts in the Practical Mondays Link Up:)
How exciting! I hope everything goes well with he house purchasing and selling. Have a fun weekend!
Dawn Rebekah said…
How exciting to find the right house. I know you are going to have a wonderful time in New York City.
Blessings, Dawn
Love your cursive bug art! My daughter and I will have to give that one a try!
wellermomma said…
Cursive bugs?! Great idea!
Drew Watts said…
Amazing Valentine Party!! I am so much pleased that kiddos had great time. These cute creativities made by them are looking fabulous. You know we too hosted a close family party on Valentine’s Eve at one of local party venues and everyone enjoyed a lot there.

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