Wrapping up the Week - Collage Friday

Welcome to our weekly collage in pictures.   It was a snowy week on and off and the Superbowl kicked it all off last Sunday!

So glad the Broncos won! 

A little glimpse into our family party.  We had karaoke, food, drinks, the game on on 3 TV's, video games going on another..over 30 people came and celebrated with us. It was great fun!

Monday we had our Chinese New Year teachings and a lot of book reading. Seems like we are at the library all the time these days!  Molly finished a chapter book also, which is a HUGE thing for her, as she hates reading 8(

Yes I am the squirrel whisperer and they know it. They come every day and I feed them. They come up to the window by the computer and let me know they are ready to eat. LOL   

Zachary's latest LEGO Stop Motion video

Lots of Legos (I feel it's the same pictures every week..lol) Those are Molly's IPHONE Cases she is making. Cute, right!? Now I just noticed that there is the same picture of Sammie eating her Cheerios with her chopsticks in both collages..LOL

Our Valentine Stop Motion video - Where Love Grows

We have our homeschool Valentine Party today (pics from a few years ago) Fun making and using chocolate dough on Friday.

Here is the recipe for Chooclate dough that we are playing with today! 

One thing I started doing recently is separating out my Pins on Pinterest for homeschooling by month. If you are interested in finding some activities, worksheets, projects for the children, I invite you to check out these Pin worthy pages:

Homeschool April (just started working on this one)

Hoping you have a great weekend...we have a lot going on! 

What's up for the weekend:

RV Show (date day with the hubby)
Seeing two houses (ours goes on the market within 2 weeks!)
Out to dinner both weekend nights!
Friday night - First Friday Friends (meet up)


Mary Prather said…
I love the LEGO stop motions -- please tell Molly and Zachary GREAT job!

Your SuperBowl party looks like fun, too. We only hosted another family of five, but hey -- I hosted a party!!! Right?? ;-)

Mother of 3 said…
My boys love Interrupting Chicken! It's such a fun and silly book.

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