First Friday Wrap Up

Happy First Friday Friends!  

I can't believe we are in the first Friday of March!  We got a little dusting of snow last night but I think this might be it...we will be saying good bye to winter!  Bring on spring!

We had a busy week...

Last weekend we had an open house at our home. Had some great traffic and already got 1 offer (too low but it's moving in the right direction).  The other home we are buying is moving along also...inspections are done, well test done and radon test done. Just waiting for some commitments back from the sellers on some repairs per the inspection and then we should go to contract! 

Leap Year - Monday my littlest was sick with a fever (over the weekend also) and so I just had two for school on Monday. We talked about Leap Year and the science behind it.  Also talked about frogs. 
Molly (3rd) started learning how to use the dictionary (I mean the REAL paper version).
The States game above is one of our favorite games to play and even take with us on vacations! It got a lot of use this week. 

The origami frogs were something we attempted on Monday. They did not jump exactly like we had hoped but it was fun!


On Wednesday, Molly had an art class to attend for homeschoolers at the Harness Racing Museum. That gave me and Sammie time to explore the museum and have some fun while Molly was in class. 

There is so much to do and learn here and it's all FREE, all the time!

ART and more
Started our March lesson plans this week.

Found a great spring chalk tutorial this week at Hodgepodge.

Molly is into horses now and drawing them is what she loves to do besides riding. Loving her depth perception on the fence in this one!

Home Ec - cooking

We tried a new concept this week. Not new to the world, just

Using homemade pizza dough, we made pizza pockets, taco pockets, meat pockets and s'mores pockets! 

  • Spray your waffle maker with no stick spray first! 
  • Divide your dough into smaller round meatball size balls and then flatten those. 
  • Use one piece on one side of the waffle maker and filling on top of that..then the other piece. 
  • Close the waffle maker. 
  • Ours has a "timer" on it but I did check it now and again to make sure was not burning.
  • I was surprised how quickly it cooked and all the dough was cooked perfect!
  • The S'more pocket made a nice mess of my waffle maker, not sure it was totally worth it for that one. 
  • The favorite by far was the TACO Pocket Waffle. We found that the pepperoni pizza one, all the mozzarella melted out and we were left with pepperoni and sauce mostly, still ok, but not what we had expected. 
-What I loved also is that the kids were involved. It was not that hard for them to come up with concoctions and help with all the steps. I used it as a Science class also with the yeast and watching it proof. 

What you did not see this week in pictures:

Three out of the five of us have head colds 8(

Marital arts class.  Bible study.  Church tonight - LEGO Bricks 4 Kidz program.  Sewing class. 

I had a hard week with the kids, emotionally this week. They were "off" somewhat and I was also. I am determined not to let the house selling and buying stress me out, but I think it is. I am trying to relieve the stress with my morning work outs, but not working the best.  Praying about it for sure.

T0day we have a showing of our home in the morning so I am going to surprise the kids and take them to a coffee shop for hot cocoa and muffins while that is happening.  

We have a library movie day tomorrow - they are showing The Good Dinosaur complete with popcorn and lemonade (love our library!)

Sunday church and NASCAR in the afternoon! 

I hope you have a blessed weekend and spread some kindness to others! It's FREE! 

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How fun! My oldest daughter loves horses and art...this post fits perfectly with us :) Check out my blog
Mother of 3 said…
We love the Scrambled States game as well; best money we've spent in a long time! That museum looks really neat and I think you've inspired me to try some "alternative" recipes in our waffle maker. I keep seeing them all around Pinterest but I have yet to try any.

Ticia said…
Her depth perception on the fence is great! Being sick is just no fun.

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