Weekly Wrap Up - Fashion Show and Vacation

It's been a few weeks since I have shared our world with you on the blog (Instagram is another story). It's been a BUSY few weeks!  We started our summer school schedule this week and packing is kicked into high gear. We have only 3.5 weeks until we close on our new home and two weeks after that the movers come. (we are doing some work before we move in)

Sadly the Cardinal baby and unhatched egg were gone one morning from the nest 8(  

Molly in her 1st fashion show. The designer uses the same sewing studio as Molly has lessons and they have become fast friends.  It was a night to remember for sure. 

My mother and I went to The Castle in Tarrytown, NY (quaint river town on the Hudson) It was a belated birthday present for me and afterwards we did some antique shopping. Fun afternoon!
School has been winding down and we scheduled a vacation right before the house "stuff" gets rockin and rolling. We spent better part of a week at my Aunt and Uncle's beautiful home in Virginia.  

It's a 16 acre estate that rivals many plantations in the south. The grounds are filled with gardens, animals, barns, little areas to sneak away and hide. Meadows filled with buttercups as far as you can see. It was a wonderful time away with the family and visiting with cousins. 

Never a dull moment, despite the rain that fell A LOT!

Sammie was in her glory with the mini horses. 
(Gotta love the bangs on these sweet faces)

This week we are continuing to purge, pack and talk about old times in this house.  

We had a Memorial Weekend party on Saturday and had about 50 friends over to help us celebrate our Last Hurrah!  The weather was scorching hot but the kids kept cool with water guns and water balloons.  Fun times. 

I hope all is well with you and that the summer is a time for relaxing and reflecting...

Until next time...be blessed!

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Mother of 3 said…
It sounds like a wonderful week! You'd never know from all of your beautiful pictures that it rained most of the time while you were in Virginia. There's something to poignant about those old plantation houses!
The fashion show looks like it was really neat! And a castle? Wow!
Erin Vincent said…
Wow, the farm is gorgeous!!!! The the pony bangs and the flowers. The fashion show looked fun too!

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