Wrapping Up the Week - Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh MY

WOW, I can't believe I got a post up this week! It's crunch time here at The Joys of Home Educating as we are nearing the end of our journey in this home.  Only 14 days until we close on our new home and 2 weeks after that we turn this home over to the new owners! 
Last Friday:  We started our Kids Bowl Free Program up again. Except for some bowling league members, we were it at the place (usually the case until public school lets out). Kids did well for their first time out this year!

Saturday:  We attended a 130th Anniversary town celebration for the local family owned hardware/lumber store.  There was a lot to see and do. The girls had a blast!

Other things:
  •  I took the kids out to lunch one day by the lake where my FIL used to live. A few towns over. It's pretty and a nice time out away from all the packing and boxes! 
  •  The stuffed dog was a "find" in a box up in the attic!  It was my oldest (soon to be 28) stuffed dog when he was very young.  
  • Sammie at martial arts!  Kicking butt!
  • We are continuing to home educate the kids even though it's not as much "book work". The kids are leading the way on a few things. 
  • OZMO (with the Ipad) is a great way to stir up some competition with the kids and get them spelling better!  
  • The picture of the twin towers - I took that picture, among others, from a cruise around Manhattan Harbor in 2000 in the summer. Never thinking it would be one of the last times I see those beauties again.  
  • I also found this new GiJoe among my sons toys from years gone by. Still in the box!

Outdoors at the house: 
  • Flowers blooming everywhere..pollen also everywhere!
  • Some visitors.  The mom (bottom) and her cub (top) strolled thru the yard on Sunday afternoon, right after some rain. You can see the size difference! 
  •  The skunk is the newest addition to the Newell Zoo!  Never seen him before and in the daytime no less. (and yes I was outside with these animals taking pictures...)

ah... soon!  A picture of our pool at the new house (closing in 14 days!)

We are soooo excited for the next chapter!  These pool pictures were taken in April when they opened the pool for inspection. It is heated but I don't think we will bother with the heater until maybe fall. I are hoping it is still clear and vacuumed!  lol   What is nice is that the pool is fenced in separate than the yard  - safety with pools is so important!

Weekend plans:

Hubby and I are furniture shopping for a new bedroom set and a lunch date together.

Church on Sunday and my mom is coming for a visit!  We were able to find her a place to live only 1.6 miles from our new house (she retires on July 29th)!

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Nita said…
Oh the pool! Congrats on the new home. I'm visiting from Weekly Wrap Up.
Mother of 3 said…
So exciting! How nice to have a pool. I love that it is it's own fenced area too.

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