Summertime Catch Up

So I have been real bad about posting this summer on the blog...I apologize for that....if you follow me on Instagram you know how busy we have been...I wanted to catch you up on what is happening around Woodwater...

We vacationed (not shown) in the finger lakes area early August (NASCAR) and had a great time as always. 
We moved my mom up about a mile and 1/2 from our new home (she retired July 30). Seeing her more often has been wonderful.
We are enjoying all the nature here at Woodwater and can't wait to see what Fall brings to the estate.

Of course with all these record breaking heat in NY, we have been swimming everyday.   Zachary had a pool party for his 12th birthday at the end of July. It rained most of the party but the kids got an hour or two of swimming in.
The rainbows have been frequent here and we are soaking it all in (pun intended)School has continued throughout the summer  - scattered teachings here and there. 

We have two more vacations scheduled and more overnight guests coming our way. 

While friends go back to public school shortly, we are still on our summer school schedule until October 1st, using all the great weather to our advantage.

I pray everyone is having a wonderful summer and finds some fun adventures awaiting you still.

Until next time - be blessed!


Dawn Rebekah said…
Glad to see you around and that you all had a great summer.
Blessings, Dawn

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