Weekly Wrap Up - summertime wrap up

Welcome friends and welcome fall?! 

While I swoon over all the Instagram pictures of everyone's perfect fall decor and loveliness, we are trying hard to get to cooler temps here in NY.  It tempted us for a few days but low and behold back up to the 90's midweek...sigh....

Oh well....we keep praying and know that fall will be here before you know it...

We were at Great Wolf Lodge, Poconos last week for the Not Back to School week!  OMGosh friends, over 300 homeschooling families from NY, NJ, PA and a few from Maryland were in attendance...homeschoolers TOOK OVER the lodge!   It was great having like minded people to chat with and throw ideas around. The kids were having a ball meeting new friends and exchanging ideas. 

The weather was great inside and out!  The girls and I conquered some fears. This ropes course looked easy from the ground but HOLY COW friends I had no business being up there once, let alone twice...I am the mom, caretaker, caregiver, teacher, cook, maid, taxi driver etc...what if I fell of that zip line 4 stories up?  Either way, I kept saying outside, God you are in control....and I did it!  The girls were not as afraid as I was!  

This past week we accomplished a lot!  We finished cleaning out our 10 X 10 storage unit that we had packed for almost 2 years!  The treasures we found...the kids were so excited to see their stuffed animals again...lol..I was excited to see no mice or mildew or anything had ruined a single thing!  But now we have a garage to clean out, again.. sigh...

We discussed 9/11 more this year than any other year. Maybe because the children are getting older and can handle bits and pieces of information. Maybe because they asked a lot more about it than every before...whatever the case may be, we talked about it as a family. 

After all the gatherings, vacations and moving...my good eating habits and work out schedule was almost non-existent...back on it now and ready to be healthy once again. We have a gym in our new house and I have zero excuses for not working out! 

Homeschool happenings:  The children have been sick on and off this past week..fevers, runny noses, yukky throats.  Not three at once, but at least two of them have been sick at the same time. We have had less school than I had hoped, easing back into our full time schedule.  

We are starting Latin this year and it makes me nervous..never learned it myself, learning right along with the children will be a challenge.  

Zachary took the standardized testing that NY state requires, this week. B.O.R.E.I.N.G. for sure..but necessary for the Education Board, I guess. 

Moving forward with unpacking still and getting the house arranged.  Since our bar area in the basement is still a dream on paper, we are using a little corner of our living room for our entertaining area. Not that we drink a lot, but we like to entertain.

It's bread and baking season!  We have gone full force on bread and homemade pizza crust. Also using my crockpot almost everyday this week - with schedules of soccer practice, martial arts and sewing classes, this mama needs her crock pot!

What's coming up:

This weekend we have soccer games in the morning, party in the afternoon...Sunday - dinner at Grammies after church...

Planning a baby shower for early November for our soon-to-be granddaughter!  

More unpacking this week and settling in...hoping the weather breaks so I can feel good about putting out fall decor..hehe..

I hope you enjoy your week and be blessed!


Nita said…
You had a busy few weeks. Oh, please share your bread recipes. I am trying to get up the gumption to make some since I conquered making churn and no churn ice cream.
Dawn Rebekah said…
The wolf lodge weekend sounds fantastic! What a fun experience.
Jennifer said…
We love homeschool week at Great Wolf Lodge!

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