Fall Farm Camping - wrap up

Ah fall is here!  
With only one week left of our summer school schedule we were able to sneak in a fall farm camping last weekend with our BFF's.  You might remember we have been here before (Pleasant Acres). The children have so much fun and the family who owns and runs it is so nice. 

So much to see and do. The grounds are small and cozy. It's a tight knit group of seasonal campers mostly from NJ and NY and then some weekenders like us.  

It was the campgrounds Halloween Weekend. Complete with a costume contest for children of all ages.  There were 60 kids and adults total who entered and dressed up...Yours truly won the First Prize Blue Ribbon for the adults!  (16 and up)  Proudly displaying the blue ribbon in the camper!

The weather was perfect. Jeans and long sleeve at night and early morning and shorts during the day. Bonfires, s'mores and all of the fun that goes along with camping. 

Now that camping is over, we are able to keep the camper on our own property now that we moved. 

This past week was our last week of summer relaxed school. Starting Monday we start a fresh new year with new adventures!  I can't wait!!!

Up for the weekend:

Watch on Instagram to see what unfolds...big things....life changing happening on Saturday!

Sunday is church and our monthly BJ's trip!

Life here at the farmhouse is wonderful!  Feeling blessed for sure!

Side note:  Made these pumpkin cookies yesterday, THE BEST EVER!

Looking for an October free printable - countdown calendar!  Check this post out!



Chrystal Bliske said…
Love all of those pictures! Camping at any time of year is one of my favorite things to do! Looks like y'all had a blast!
Nita said…
Can't believe Halloween is sneaking up on us already. Love the camping pics.
Mother of 3 said…
Sounds like a fun week. Congrats on your blue ribbon.
Your happy, happy camping experience almost makes me excited to take my dozen camping next weekend. :)
Dawn Rebekah said…
The camping looks like a blast! What a fun weekend.
Blessings, Dawn
Lucinda Leo said…
What a gorgeous experience. Love the smiling photos! Wishing you lots of wonderful adventures this coming year.
Chris Tilley said…
The spooky fire log is cool. We have a scout camp coming up called Halloween Howl that it will be perfect at.
Leslie said…
Wow that looks like a great place to camp!

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