New Directions

Happy Monday and Happy Halloween! 

I hope your weekend was fabulous and the start to November is peaceful!  

As with most things in your life, change is inevitable.  I have been blogging now for over 9 years about home educating our children and the joys (and everything in between) of it.  I find that now that the children are older they seem to be going in new directions with the way in which they learn. Blogging about our day or week does not seem as exciting to me (maybe not you either) anymore.  

We recently moved into our "forever home" and this farmhouse has so much to offer us as far as the property and exploring goes.  We more than doubled the size of our living space and it's a totally different type of house that we were used to. I find myself excited again to decorate and make the house a home for the family. 

With much prayer and consideration, I am going in a new direction and have changed the name of the blog from The Joys of Home Educating to Woodwater Farmhouse.  (That is the name of the estate we bought).  I will still have posts on homeschooling and all that goes along with that and be adding in lifestyle posts and more recipes.  

The blog will be a blog is transition. Things will be changing and I hope you come along for the ride.

I have already changed my IG account also and am in the process of changing around a few other things.  

Exciting things will be coming!  

Until then....enjoy your day and have a Happy Halloween!

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Tina said…
Looking forward to seeing where this takes you!
Jennifer said…
I'm excited to see where this goes, too. I've been toying with changing my blog name for quite a while. Tell me, did you just change the name in your blogger account and everything stayed the same? How about traffic? Did it dip down? Those are the things holding me back at this point.
Melissa N. said…
HI Jennifer - I changed everything...if you try to pull of my old blog of The Joys of Home Educating dot blogspot dot com it does not exist. Although all my content is still here just changed the name...NOW saying that, I am not seeing the traffic like I used to YET...trying to get on some linky parties to spread the word...I am ok with it right now steps 8)

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