The Smile Mile - a book for your home library

Hi Friends - I am so excited to share this special gift that my friend, Hope, has written!  


Hope is a mom not unlike you and I. She is a living testimony on what it means to be joyfully present with her family.  Hope is involved in her church, the community, an author and is always there to go the extra Smile Mile

The Smile Mile is a book the inspires children to go the extra mile…at home, in school, at church and in their community.

"This story represents the absolute power of God and is a genuine example of how He utilized my God-given gifts to spread His word. I was inspired to write this story after reading "The Adrian Rogers Legacy Bible" © 2009 by Love Worth Finding Ministries, Inc.; focusing on Mr. Roger's message related to The Beatitudes and going the "Miracle Mile". This story was born in hopes that children (and families) all over the world will be inspired to apply their own Smile Miles. Remember, "practice makes permanent", so go The Smile Mile each and every day! You can apply and record your own Smile Mile progress using the letter to families, counters, activity list and Smile Mile log located in the back of this book."

People are using The Smile Mile at their churches, day cares, homes and libraries. Spreading the word with smiles for miles!

The Smile Mile Facebook page
You can purchase on Amazon (affiliate link)

About the Author:
Although Hope gave up a lot, she gained a great deal in return. She was finally able to be joyfully present with her “boys”, while following her passion to become a professional organizer/consultant via H.O.P.E. DAYLEE USA… Organized Efficiency Specialists ( / Hope is also the proud author of various books via her Teachers Pay Teachers

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