Weekly Update - Fall is in the air

Finally the weather we have been waiting for. Cool crisp mornings and t-shirt afternoons.  Nights have been getting nice and cool. 

We have had a busy week with our newest addition to the family! (scroll down).  We have been planning on getting a dog from a shelter for about 5 years but the timing was not right and then with the move we needed to be able to breath a little before we added one to the family! We have had to go to the vet twice this week. Sadly she has environmental allergies which means she will be on medication for the rest of her life...sigh...

We mailed out our 1st Nature Pal Exchange box!  We are paired up with a family in Tennessee!  Kids are excited! 

Also it's fall cooking time and I have been coking up a storm!  Baking a lot also (not good for the waste line but everything in moderation!)

Introducing - Lilly Newell.  Our BFF's last name is Lilly and we think she looks like a Lilly. Her name at the shelter was Elsa but she really did not even know that name.  She is a 8 month old puppy brought up from Georgia.  She is the sweetest dog. We have had zero signs of behavior problems.  She is fitting right in with the Newell family routine!

So besides the field trip to the Orthodontist for Molly (nothing happening there yet) and the Vet for the dog...we also had an appt for the two older kids to get their 1st real eye check up.  Zachary has perfect vision. Molly is getting reading glasses, although not convinced yet she needs them. 

We started back on our fulltime studies this week - Molly 4th grade, Samantha - 2nd and Zachary 7th!  Adding the dog in there and we have one busy day and one tired out mama at the end of it! 

I am still working out 4-5 days a week and TRYING to limit my wine intake to only 1 night per week and weekends. So far, so good! 

We have a real busy weekend coming up...

Friday Night - family friend over for a family dinner... Saturday - cleaning the garage!  Sunday - church then another family over for Sunday dinner and football!  Monday - more housework!  Plus our town has a fall festival this weekend that I am hoping to get to. 

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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Nita said…
Aww the new family member is a cutie! Pets bring a lot of joy to kids and glad you all have open your home to one.
Nita said…
Oh, and the dentist visits are never fun! I had two myself in the past 2 weeks.
Mother of 3 said…
We go for our first eye doctor appointment next week.
Dawn Rebekah said…
What a sweet dog face. She looks like a gem. Have a wonderful weekend. I am so happy the weather finally changed!
Blessings, Dawn
One of my girls has been wearing glasses since kindergarten. I just got them in January, but I mainly wear them just for driving.

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