Weekly Update - Fall time

What a few weeks we have had!  The colors here at the farmhouse are almost too gorgeous to describe in words.  We have been full force back to school and outside a lot! 

If you are a first time guest, welcome!  If you are a returning friend, howdie!

In case you missed a blog post this week we shared a goodie!  

What's been happening at Woodwater Farmhouse....

Art for kids - one of our all time favorite websites for art tutorials. Mostly drawing. They are fun and quick!  Art For Kids  great for all ages!

Learning about bats this week. We have plenty of them here at the farmhouse.  Did you know the giant golden-crowned flying fox (Acerodon jubatus), also known as the golden-capped fruit bat, is a rare megabat and one of the largest bats in the world. These creatures have up to a 4 foot wingspan. WOOZA

The little assassin bug was on our deck this week hanging out along with hundreds of ladybugs. 

For Science, I did not buy the A Beka series for the girls this year and we are doing a unit on The Human Body.  Loving the coloring book My First Human Body Coloring Book. It's more than a coloring book!  

We received our Nature Pal Exchange package this week and the treasures inside were great! We are keeping them up in the school room for more investigation. 

Lilly is starting to show her puppy side more now that she feels comfortable here. She is LOVING the pond and if you follow me on Instagram you will see her frog hunting.  We could not be happier with her! 

Here is what fall at the Woodwater Farmhouse is looking like!

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Last weekend we went to a Harvest Fall Festival in our town. We have a community in our town called the Bruderhof. Such kind and loving people. They open up their community center to the public a few times a year and share all what God has blessed with them. My girls and the neighbors across the street from my mother became fast friends.  

I love this quote from their website:

Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.

What else is going on.....
We have had soccer practices, beautiful sunsets and sunrises, golden trees, warm sunny days, time with Bubby, closed the pool down, mourned the loss of a bird that hit our door and prayed a lot!  

My brother in law was diagnosed this week with testicular cancer and is in renal failure. Please put him on your prayer list. His name is Larry. Thanks 8)

I am prepping for the baby shower in a few weeks and looking forward to cooler weather to have a fire in our fireplace! 

In addition, I bought my ticket to the 2017 2:1 Conference!  So excited. It's in Virginia this year and it's driving distance!  Wha Who!  

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Looks like a great week. Nice nature pal package :) I will be praying for your brother.
Mother of 3 said…
I love that picture of what the woods like around the farm. That is so beautiful. I love how many art sites there are for kids that do such a great job of explaining the projects, however, I don't think we've tried that particular site yet. I'll have to Pin in for later.
Nita said…
Really enjoying your Fall colors! Don't have them in my new home, but do miss them.
What a lovely place you live! That kind of beauty is soul-nourishing. And that nature-pal package looks so very fun!
Melissa N. said…
Thanks ladies for all the comments. We are having a wonderful fall season here in NY!

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