Weekly Wrap Up

Welcome to the weekly wrap up...

Not too many pictures this week of school related activities...

The weather is a changin' here in New York.  Rain boots and light winter coats were necessary this week a few times.  We actually had snow flakes Thursday morning for a while. 

The leaves are so pretty here at the farmhouse!  

Last weekend, the hubster and his BFF drove down to Phili for the Eagles Vs Vikings game. (That's all I want to say about that #VikingsNeverShowedUP)   Fun nonetheless. 

Samantha had a very important meeting this week with the Grand Master of the martial arts center where she trains (black belt meeting - testing in June).  She got all dressed up and made me very proud!  

Did you miss my post yesterday on The Smile Mile?  If you didn't, then I encourage you to check it out! 

What's up for the weekend...


- kids have a soccer tournament (praying for nice weather).
-We are hosting a dinner party with 3 other couples on Saturday night (the kids will be stating at grandmas).

Sunday - church and football

I hope you have a blessed weekend! 

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Mother of 3 said…
We had a few flurries last night too.... I dread the ending of fall and the coming of winter.

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